Do my plants look okay? First grow ever.

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Do my plants look fine?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Somewhat, but they need additional attention.

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    All plants are supposed to be Super Silver Haze from Green House Seed Co. Sent through They were sent in the original packaging. Why are two plants taller and why do the two tallest look different? Is it just phenotypes or could they possibly be different strains by accident? Also, I just added 2 tsp./1gallon Fox Farm big bloom on 04/25/16. That is the first nutrients given to them ever. I transplanted from solo cups to 3 quart pots on 04/20/16 (lol). 04/27/16 will be 5 weeks old. They are growing in Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil. Do they all look good? Could I do something different? Any advice at all?? This is my first ever grow.

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