Do my auto flowers look alright?

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  1. The first one is roughly 11 days old the other is 9, I have 1 in 100% perlite(which is growing better) and the other(organic + perlite) is 9 days old. They are both auto fem ak47. I have them a little under 200 watts, which is fine cause of the auto flower. Do they look like they're growing ok or is there something wrong? I can't remember what the last ones looked like cause I didn't date and use a calender for them. Please respond asap

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  2. And my only other concern is that they both very very small brown spots around the tops of them but there is no way there's a deficiency, but I can't figure it out. They're both growing very well too, could it be from heat?
  3. 100% perlite? Do you have nutes for the one in 100% perlite? Perlite itself contains no nutrients and a plant won't survive long in growing in 100% perlite unless you have some form of hydro nutes for it.
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  4. It'll survive fine until the cotyledons fall off, which contains the seedlings initial nutrients. Curious how you're planning on transplanting that 100% perlite one....

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  6. Well, what is the temp?

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  7. The temp is roughly 72, humidity is 65, and I have a Buddy of mines who's been growing in 100% perlite for a while now and won't use regular soil at all, he also doesn't nutes or anything, they strive for him, solid 2 oz per every plant, keep in mind auto fem as well
  8. And perlite one has a body of organic soil around it so if I have to transplant it will be easier
  9. No nutes in 100% perlite? What black magic does he use to make the plants grow?

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