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Do multiple inhales get you higher?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Toothpick420, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. I'm not talking about multiple hits(inhale, exhale) because that obviously does increase your high. I'm asking if everytime you hit your bowl you take in like 3 or 4 little breaths of fresh air would you get higher?
    Think about this. When I had first started smoking cigarettes if I "double hit" my cig I'd get a nice headrush, more intense than just one long drag. So with bud would it work the same way where I'm getting a quicker rush? This kinda goes back to the theory of how your lungs can only absorb so much thc at one time.
    Btw a nice tip to getting higher, when you exhale a hit, don't blow it all out in one long cloud. Exhale for a second, inhale, hold for a couple seconds, exhale a little, inhale, hold, you get what I'm saying. Try it the next time you only have a bowl or two left and you need to make it stretch.
  2. You're not getting any higher...
    You're just depriving your brain of oxygen.

    Which gives you that "super stoned" feeling.
  3. I think I hear my hair growing...
  4. If you mean to get the smoke deeper into your lungs, yes.
    By taking just a single hit, you're limiting your THC absorption to the upper part of your lungs. Instead, if you breathe in additional air after a hit of smoke, you push the channel of smoke deeper into your lungs. The bronchial tubes in the lower regions of your lung will allow you to absorb more THC, thus getting higher.
    When you hold it in too like you mentioned, you're letting the smoke remain in your lung cavities, allowing for further THC exposure.
  5. I always make sure I completely fill my lungs up no matter how much smoke I inhale but I always get a better head fuck if I break up one big hit into several smaller puffs. Not seperated hits.
  6. This is the information I'm looking for. I always take a big hit then I inhale again to push it down so that I feel the THC much quicker, but I only hold it in for 3-5 seconds, more than that is just oxygen deprivation. 
  7. Unless your vaping, then it's recommended to hold your hits til' the vapor is gone. Which is more than 3-5 seconds, well depending on how big or small the hit was.

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