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do movies look fake to you when your high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spymasterwade, May 12, 2011.

  1. When I watch a movie high everything looks fake like you can tell its a green screen and everything looks so fake does anyone else have this and also this is why I watch cartoons futurama is the best ever while high
  2. I'm the opposite. When I watch movies while high, everything looks AWESOME. :smoke:
  3. lotsa times i notice stuff i wouldnt otherwise. when you really really pay attention youd be suprised how fake a lot of backdrops look n big budget movies.
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    I usually see boobs or ass, pause the movie, masturbate, then fall asleep.

  5. lol it doesn't seem fake, but it always seems sooooo dramatic, like almost comical how dramatic everything is
  6. yeah man kinda the same thing for me....except its like i can tell the actors are's not a movie anymore its like I feel like i'm watching the movie from the stage and watching them act.

    it only happens once in a while if i think about it. once im aware of it it totally ruins the movie lol
  7. I noticed this watching 8 mile the other day. I hadn't seen the movie in years. I watched it for the first time stoned and I realized That movie is terrible.
  8. Haha I haven't seen that movie since like 2005.. I remember it being awesome though :p
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    See me to. Watch it again the only good parts is the rapping at the end.
  10. I tend to notice it more with TV shows. It's actually kind of cool watching how acted out everything is haha

  11. Haha absolutely, this is why horror movies arent generally scary when Im high, they look fake and stupid as hell.
  12. Movies are fake anyways are they not?
  13. #13 HeBrEwBeAr, May 13, 2011
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    totaly i happen this to me all the time
    edit @thatseanguy hahaha i thought you said rapeing for a sec i was like what how did i miss that
  14. #14 jcofillinois, May 13, 2011
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    i was reading this and thought of 8 mile. and you're completely right. i know all movies are scripted, but that movie is just horribly played. i'm sure they could act better, but it's whatevs. it's still a good movie in my opinion.
  15. Absolutely yes. When I'm high I can tell very easily when people are acting. I hate watching TV or movies while high because it looks so cheesy and shitty.
  16. For me it's not so much the effects that I notice, it's the acting. I can totally tell that someone is acting when I'm high.
  17. I watched fast 5 high as balls and I couldn't stop laughing at how fake it was
  18. Whenever I watch movies/shows, I get really focused on the characters and their acting is more obvious.

  19. I watch porn when I'm high a lot.

    The quality of the story lines are very awful.

    Sober I skip to the good part.

    One time I thought they photo shopped it, whilst high...
  20. Yes thay fuckinn do dude

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