Do most people open the ventilation flap on tent

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  1. Hi,

    This is my first time growing and I am using a TopoLite tent. It has an 8 x 16 ventilation port. Do most people open these? Right now I am drawing through 2 hydrofarm bug shields a 4" and a 6:. Right now the tent sides are getting sucked in. If I slow the exhaust fan the temperature goes higher than I would like. I have thought about opening the flap on the outside of the tent and maybe duct taping a filter over the outside of the square port. Maybe I am going overboard and I don't need to worry that much about dust.

    This picture is when I was setting the tent up, before the light arrived.

  2. I feel as though the manufacturers put them there for a reason.......if you need to use it....go ahead. just my .02
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  3. You open the vent if it assists in keeping conditions ideal.

    Whether its humidity or temp, or to adjust air pressure within the tent.

    clean the room and dust isnt an issue, i have 3 cats, imagine how my intake exhaust was i had to keep them outta the room lmao or i have extra hairy bud.

    My outdoor plants are dirty as hell from when it rains and splashes up.

    Wonder if mulching in flower would be good to prevent dirt, i dont feed them nutes, they are straight in ground and heard mulch takes nutes out of soil (or is it only nitrogen?)

    My indoor grow i fed and had a setup similar to yours. nice clean flowers

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  4. I do , i open all of the lower vents ,
    It draws in outer room air which has c02 from the household and it allows cool air to be brought in all done by the exhaust fan .

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  5. :bolt:LOL....just aren't the only one i've heard that from.
  6. Good for tents with overblown exhaust systems. My 6" sucks the walls in on my 6x6 the tent starts creaking and cracking....I sometimes wait for it all to come crashing down on my head, even dialed down!

    If I open those flaps (4 of them on flower tent), the walls don't suck in so hard, allows more flow and takes the strain off the fan.

    On a smaller tent where pulling air from up high at the ceiling becomes less important, what I sometimes do is reverse my fan direction, open those up part way and push air in, which eventually squeezes out. I just open them more or less to keep the temp where I want.

    If light leaks are an issue I just build a light blocker box over the port.

    They can be useful.
  7. I did not use that , I found I couldn't get negative pressure very well in a 2x2x5 . So I sealed it and used the hole that was beside it with a pvc tube at a 90 degree elbow with screen on the openings and I found I achieved negative pressure much better , and light proofing .
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  8. I guess I was over thinking it. Thanks everyone for the responses.
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  9. I think it's safe to say most of us do when starting out and some of us continue to....haha! Guilty!
    Good luck with your venture!
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  10. Nothing wrong with a little curiosity
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  11. A more powerful fan would of solved that without restricting fresh air. You still could of used elbows to light proof if needed
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