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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RMJL, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Do most guys like to have their balls squeezed, licked and sucked on while getting a blow job or do most guys prefer the chick to leave the boy's alone?

    (I'm so ashamed of myself for asking (yeah, right!) but I want to know what "most" guys like.)
  2. I'm sorry if I'm being's got to be the moon!
  3. Well for me i like a good ball lick,its even better when she makes a suckin sound drives me nuts.
    As long as she has her hand on them is all good.

    But let me ask you this or anybody else,do you like them shaved or not when lickin them?
  4. I can't speak for most guys, but I love getting my balls licked on before getting sucked... It doesn't take nearly as long to orgasm after a good licking.....

    I can't tollerate them being squeezed though!
  5. honestly anything goes.... even if its just not in an erogenous (sp?) it all, depending on what she does to get me in the mood......

    only thing i don't like sometimes is a hard raker.....raking the wang isn't any good at all...
  6. Just don't squeeze too hard..
  7. ^^^^what he said
  8. The licking and sucking is all good but no squeezing for me thanks. Sometimes when "the boys" are all primed and ready to go a squeeze can be kind of ...uncomfortable. Every guy is different though. Some like it rougher than others.

    Personally, I think you best bet would be to go with more of a stroking/tugging/massaging type motion instead. Followed closely, of course, by some major hardcore oral work on ALL shaft-al and sack-al areas.

  9. cuppin the sac is always good too....:D

  10. it's cool then, if you have her bent over, for her to reach under and cup 'em, right?
  11. depends what you're doin at the time...
  12. Oh hell ya i do. Play with my shit.......................
  13. ball lick=good
    ball stroke=good
    ball squeeze=good but be careful
    ball smack=never
    ball suck=damn good

  14. Yeah, so....I go both ways...I'm fine with the visual!!!! Plus, I've always loved you. That's all that matters, right???

  15. Just don't knock her out or break her neck......... LMFAO!!!!!
  16. i thought thats what head boards were for.....slammin against the wall?

    duh.... i feel stupid.....
  17. I like a good ball fondling. Too much squeezing could lead to pain.

  18. hahaha lmfao ! i dunno why, but that is damn funny !
  19. heh, a good lick never hurt anybody

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