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do most/all teachers know about 420?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Snikkity Flip, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. hey I'm sure some of you guys have to be high school teachers. On 4/20 practically everyone was really high and people were smoking in the halls and stuff. Anyways I'm wondering if teachers come "mentally prepared" for 4/20. oh the good days :D
  2. what the hell?
  3. yeah dude i'm pretty sure most teachers know

    edit: really though, that was months ago. why ask now?
  4. Smoking in the halls...........?
  5. Or they dont care about 420, because they know stoners will come high to class everyday... high school... the memories.
  6. Yeah, I don't buy that. Anyways, yes most of them do know.
  7. It would not surprise me to learn that not only do my professors know about 4/20 but that some of them partake in the festivities.
  8. Junior High/High School teachers I doubt more than half know what 420 is. College professors I bet most do, and probably partake.
  9. Yeah sure, Teachers that are realistic expect people to be high every day. On 4/20 my HS history teacher who was a big hippy and evaded the draft and who was involved in the movement that was going on at that time asked me if I "smoked a big doob" infront of the class and I just started laughing because I was super baked and he said it in a funny voice, you know just fucking with me.
  10. I'm sure a lot of public high school teachers know about it, because you know how much high schoolers like to talk to their buddies about pot at school.
  11. I would think they do. People aren't exactly quiet about it. I had a teacher ask me on 4/19 if I would partake in tomorrow's celebrations.
  12. prolly a good 60-70% know
  13. Hell ya they do..

    they were proly in the same seat you sit in.

    Wait till you figure out that half of'em smoke :eek:
  14. Speaking as a high-school teacher, I've been aware of 4/20 for quite some time.

    And I can assure you many others have too.

  15. FYI:

    Your teacher probably smokes more weed than you do.

    90% of teachers I've met and work with now like to party. They act a certain way at work and get wasted when not at work.
  16. Yeah, my gov't teacher in highschool told us about her TWO trips to Amsterdam (one for her fucking honeymoon!!!)
  17. Is this a serious question?

  18. Just as serious as this answer.... :v


  19. I don't know, but its seriously awesome.
  20. I usually skipped 4/20 or went for a few hours before I got sketched and left in high school. I went to class ripped daily but I just felt like everyone knew on 4/20 for some reason, or maybe it was because we got reallly high on those days. My best 4/20 so far was junior year, we had a half day :D

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