DO MOST/ALL clones come out female?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by potblower, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. or is it a crap shoot like you were growing from a seedling?
  2. If you cloned a female plant then yes, all clones will be female and will be exact copies of the plant they were taken from.:wave:
  3. the exact...
    So its kinda like you get a restart..
    But if your mother is sicks your clones will be sick to...
  4. aight, ima picking em up from a dispensiry in the bay
  5. As already stated, a clone is just what its name entitles, a clone of the plant it was taken from. A clone taken from a male will be a male, a clone taken from a female will be a female. Their are several factors that are included in the process to change the outcome from female to male however along the whole cloneing process. Their is a good ammount of stress involved in the cloneing process and that is one of the biggest factors in changeing a female to a hermi. If you are getting them from a reputable place with people who know what they are doing you shouldnt have anything to worry about though.

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