Do more expensive bongs get you higher?

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  1. Honestly what's the difference between an 80 dollar glass bong and 200 glass bong when it comes to getting high? Say they're the same size glass bongs..will the 200 dollar one get you more high? What is it that makes you get more high if it does? Or is it just less breakable and with more accessories that help clean it and stuff?

  2. no, i dont know where you got that from, its the weed, nothing to do, with the piece you use, you can have a 10 dollar metal pipe, and a 3000 dollar chrisyal bong, ot dosnt matter glass is glass it comes from the same thing sillca sand,  just like ferrari and some honda civic, its the same metal same glass, the engine is made from the same metals  tires are rubber, same thing int he end, its all the same in the end if you have good weed, itl get you high but the smaller the bong, more consintrated the smoke, the bigger the bong the smoke is less milky ect
  3. Nothing as far as the high itself but the more expensive bongs with percolators and different chambers do a better job at cooling the smoke. Plus, they look nice.
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     The more expensive pieces might be thicker and heavier for breaking reasons has nothing to do with high but maybe the pull/airflow.   There are thin expensive bongs but those usually have twists bends color and writing but break easy.  I prefer thick plane bongs that can handle something falling out of my stoner hands and hitting the base.   Thats my 2 cents..   :bongin:  :hello:  
       So all in all the better airflow bong could get you more stoned so yes a bong could matter in that way..
  5. The only thing the bong changes is how you take the hit. A regular water bong, big bubbles come througg the water into your lungs. The water cools it, of course, meaning you can take a bigger hit vs say a joint. Now a more expensive bong will have percalators and diffusers and shit, which will break the bigger bubbles into smaller bubbles which cools them even more which means you can take even bigger hits than a regular non percalating cheap bong. So if you're comparing a single hit from a cheap bong to a single hit from a more expensive bong, you might get a little higher because that one hit can be bigger. But smoke a gram of weed from each and youll have a mostly equal high from each of them.
  6. I have a related question: does a glass bong get you higher than a plastic bong? I'm fairly new to toking and I know glass is supposed to be better, but does it actually get you higher?
  7. Well, your brain may say yes...

    This is one of many sources of this type of "more expensive = feels better" examples: SITE
    ...and really, if it feels better, than isn't it better? IDK try it
    of course not, the high depends only on the weed you smoke.
  9. For simplicity sake, just go with the mentality that glass is better than acrylic. Plus I hope you meant acrylic and not plastic, because regular plastic + the chemicals in weed can make your lungs bleed if they're combined & inhaled. 
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  10. Hey everyone I know this is off topic with this guys question. In joey bada$$ vine he's smoking out of this mask. Can anyone please tell me what this is called?! I want one really bad. Oh another thing. How can I write my own forum/thread. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1386887534.496503.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1386887550.291087.jpg
  11. definitely meant acrylic lol. thanks for the answer though!
  12. it's all about the quality of your herb
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    LoL.. Perhaps you should pick another hobby op.. In all seriousness, your high is based on the quality of cannabis you're smoking.. Different delivery methods have pros and cons- for example: blunts are worse for your health because of the added tobacco.. A water bong toke will deliver much more than say a bowl, thereby requiring less hits... Also the smoke will be cooler and more smooth due to the water filtration.. The price difference revolves around size, thickness of glass, extras (chambers) etc...
  14. Nice job, pre edit that post was pretty useless.

    The fact is, a nice bong will be made better than a cheap one. You also pay more for looks, and percolation. You can get higher by using less fire when smoking, before you light the bowl, hold the lighter a bit above the bowl and inhale. You can vaporize a bit of the greens, and then the dried out weed will roll a bit better. When the bowl is rolling, I feel the heat from the cherry vaporizes the THC.   The more vaporization that you can get to take place, the less cannabanoids are destroyed by combustion.

    Asking if a bong the same size but different in price will change the high is just ignorant. Are you sure you're old enough to be smoking pots?
  15. I think metal pipes are better for me..... im clumsy while high (and broke my friend bong once), so i purchased my own metal pipe (since i can drop them and nothing really happens), as well as to pay him back with a bit more pricy bong than what he got earlier
    I think metal pipes are worth the buy, if you can. But if you want bongs, i think you should pay a bit more or get a plastic one.
  17. Not much of a difference, unless you receive a placebo high from the differing perceptions based on your bong of choice.  I know fully well there isn't much real change as far as functionality, but I'd still bet that I would rate the high smoking out of a glass piece much more enjoyable than out of acrylic.  

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