do mj leaves perspire?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BZDR, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. so i have two double diesel autoflowers under approx 100 watts of cfls. they are currently 4 weeks into the grow. recently one of them has been having a watery substance on some of its leaves? is this normal? any idea what it could be?

    I am growing in MG organic soil. and have not noticed any sort of bug problem.
  2. is it a warning sign of mold/mildew?
  3. does nobody know?
  4. Maybe it's just condensation. I'm byt no stretch a pro or really know much about growing but if there was water on my plants I wouldn't worry.

    Touch the liquid, is it gooey, or just actual water?
  5. It can cause the mold if your strain is weak or easily susceptible.
    I have some bagseeds that have no problem with this. Some of my other plants got powder mildew from this happening I think, but not positive because I didn't literally watch it happen. It happens cause their leaves are close together I think with not enough circulation. Add more fans and lights on the leaves that are sweating. Make sure temps are down too. See if that helps?

    Lots of circulation or a fan on the plant should solve it.
  6. Well yeah the plants do perspire but not with beads of sweat, so to speak. What's your system/setup? What are the temps and humidity?
  7. yes they do. I run a dehumidiefier when lights off. a dehum is way over the top for you 100w just increase your air circulation

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