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Do medical patients buy from 'street' dealers?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by haz155, May 5, 2011.

  1. In California, i'm aware that it costs marginally more to buy pot from a dispensery than an illegial supplier. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

    If so why would you want to pay more at a dispensary? :eek::confused:
  2. Better quality, sometimes cheaper, medibles, larger selection, more knowledgeable.... There are many reasons to switch...

    From what I've seen, however, dispensary prices are very close to street prices unless you know a grower that'll hook u up.

    8-12 a gram 230-300 oz is pretty standard in WA State dispensaries and you can find all your top notch strains.

    Street dealers sell .8 dimes 3.5 eigths and oz only drop under 200 when it's BC or mid grade.
  3. If you were in a comprimised state of health the last thing that you need is to be interacting with street level drug dealers that you do not know. Dispenseries are supposed to be safe, clean, friendly and knowlegable environments where patients can obtain quality meds.
    If you do not have another (illegal) source of meds, dispensaries are one of your only remaining options.

    Also dispenseries typically try to carry many strains that are sativa, indica or hybrids. Most street level dealers may only carry 1 or 2 strains at a time, or do not know what the effects of the strains are, where they were grown, who grew them, how long the plants were flushed for (to remove nutrient build up in plant) etc..

    However, this is not to say that dispenseries do. many times there are very very few differences between dispenseries and street level drug dealing. regardless, to a certin degree i understand a dispensery charging more than say a highschool marijuana dealer living with his parents (no rent, no employees, no overhead costs etc..)

    what you should be paying for is convenience, quality, accountability, service, and variety. but most times this just isnt the case as there is alot of money in selling sick people ounces of marijuana for $350oz+
  4. I'm an old lady in my mid-60s, do I want to chance getting mugged in a bad part of town?

    Do I want to risk getting weak/moldy/sprayed weed if I do buy "on the street"?

    If there is a problem with my cannabis (never has been), the dispensary will make it right- but unless your dealer is a friend, good luck in getting a refund if you get sold some schwag or worse!

    Why would I buy "pot" from a dealer, when the dispensary always has White Widow, Jack Herer, Lemon Haze, 3 types of Kush and much more?

    The couple bucks extra is well worth it!

  5. Omg. Dank ass grandma.
  6. Baked, hon, you got no idea! :smoking:

    Try clicking that first link in my sig to see just how "dank-minded" I am! There is a LOT more to our little party plant than you ever dreamed! Educate yourself!

    Granny :wave:
  7. yes, here at least in Montana. Many patients knew growers before medical but right now everyone i get from has their cards... homegrowers and patients. My guys are members of one of the best collectives in Billings... ;)

    So my stuff is medical but i get it illegally since i dont have a card... usually runs me 35/eighth, 70-80/q, 125-140/half, 250-280/o i think... i just bought 10.5g for $100.

    I stay connected :cool:
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    Shout Out From Cali! Here's the list from my dispensary that i go to in North Hollywood. Place is called Green Victory and its a chill place but ya the site also has the list of bud it has and their prices.

    Green Victory - Medical Marijuana Delivery

    The Brosky:smoke:

    EDIT: i forgot to mention that lately my friends have been growing the dankies so ya... i gets em basically free.
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    the weeds on another level and most of the time i only get edibles/weed food/ weed drinks at the dispensary i still use my bud connects sometimes and just like granny said they always have the best strains in stock and these are the actual strains not just names you dealer makes up. Ive been to a dispensary with over 100 different strains of buds in stock at one time
  10. Guess no one cares that GOD said that the plants that have seeds are "VERY GOOD",

    Everyone knows that marijuana is less harmful than any other substance that man takes for relief of pains, better for our immune systems than alcohol or pharmacueticals.

    So for biblical reasons I will not abandon the only seedplant that helps my nervious system,for biblical reasons I will use marijuana not only because of physical and mental reasons but because God calls the Pharmacueticals "poisons" and has said that the "Pharmacist" will be in the lake of fire.

    Oh, you did not know that ?
    Revelation 22:15 the word "SORCERER" only has one translation "Pharmacist", people who tell you (without accually saying it) that God can not heal you as HE said HE could, they say that they have the medications you need, the side effects always are worse than the original ailment was.

    But what does God know ?

    Apparently even your Christian leaders and Christian Politicians beleave they know more than God .

    I urge everyone to tell others about the biblical aspect of useing marijuana instead of the "poisons" the Pharmacist are pushing on everyone.

    Your voices can help but God's word can win.

    I have been a scripual teacher for thirty years and have studied translations from Hebrew to English, from Greek to English, and have found many ways that we have been deceived by the Pharmacist into thinking they were helping us, they have deceived themselves into thinking they are, but God says they are poisoners.

    Warn your Pharmacist, warn the Doctors and politicians, God is patiently waiteing for someone to kindle a fire of anger, show others your anger for denieing
    you your God given permission to use marijuana as you see fit, for medical purposes or just reccreational use. It is your right, let no man tell you differently !
  11. i will have to say yes and no. I had my card, and worked in a dispensary for a brief period in Los Angeles, and i still went to my "street dealers". granted they were old school buddies that always had really good genetics. Some of the best cuts of Sour D, and strawberry Diesel i've ever smoked, never been duplicated. i lived 22 miles away from the dispensary and he and a few other buddies lived only blocks away. let me see. on my off day, i was for sure staying in the neighborhood. granted all my "street dealers" had their reccomendations as well....
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    You know someone's absolutely fucking bonkers when they quote revelations. Fuck you and your "lake of fire."

    Check out these This is why no one takes the bible seriously, it constantly contradicts itself and makes up for it with shit logic like "Oh yeah before we were just kidding, these are the REAL rules" (love me my jesus. he didn't come to change the old testament scriptures, he came to fulfill them - yea bullshit he completely revised them).

    But that's funny, I've never heard of a pothead preecher. That should be your username. Have you ever preeched high? Probably really helps with your "connection to God" when you're really just making a mockery of the church/catholic values you hold in such high regard.

    Anyway I'm not about to get into a douchebag atheist rant just for the sake of politeness, but please spout your god bullshit somewhere else. He didn't create the marijuana plant, it was a spontaneous evolutionary occurence and we know how it happened ( - that is fact. So stop screaming about God, it's blowing my buzz. :smoke:

    And "sorcerers" weren't pharmacists you fucking idiot. They were herbal doctors whose medicines worked a lot fucking better than the church's prayers. I bet you they probably used marijuana on patients. How fucking ironic. Your logic just collapsed in on itself. Time to admit your thirty years of bible study that you call a life has been a lie and become an atheist - meaning you follow the rules of society because it's the proper thing to do to maintain our civilization, not because some big floating douche in the sky says it is. Also, you will no longer be a walking paradox.

    Name Calling is Not Allowed in The City...Please Refrain From doing so in The Future!!! **unoit**

  13. You don't know the right guy then lol

    I'm a patient in WA, dispensary bud is aight....prices are kinda whack IMO.

    I get oz's from my dealer for under 200 and it's always higher quality then the 250 an oz stuff from most collectives.

    I actually went to 4 collectives yesterday and ended up just picking up from my dealer lol

  14. Are you serious....?

    God doesn't say they are poisoners....they just are. Anyone with two eyes and half a brain can see that

    I like your bible argument. Do you enslave people and sacrifice your children too? Ya know...since the bible says it
  15. damn granny must get baked off her ass ;)
  16. im sure having Granny's homemade cookies take on a whole new meaning!, put the little buggers right to sleep....
  17. in colorado, dispensary weed is much more of a hook up.
  18. My dealer claims to have a med card. I don't think he's lying though, the weed he gives me is the highest quality I've seen/smoked and get it for $30 an 1/8th (sometimes $25). I live in BC, so getting a medical card is tough, especially when Adolf Harper is still running our country.
  19. A reminder that it is not allowed on GC to discuss any Medical Patient who is selling MJ to non-patients

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