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Do medical marijuana states drug test for marijuana still?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by yungkashsk, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Do medical marijuana states drug test for marijuana still?

    If so are there any states that allow you to grow and ban employers drug testing or not allowing med patients to not be employed for marijuana?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. That's very interesting. As I sat outside smoking my morning cigarette I actually pondered the exact same thing.

    I found this to be quite helpful.

    Drug Testing | California NORML
  3. Yes, they test!

    In California, we have ZERO protection as employees!

    Arnie wimped out on us and refused to sign a MMJ patient protection bill. So I, and countless other MMJ patients, still live in fear of losing our jobs over using herbal medicine, instead of supporting Big Pharma like good little "Sheeple"!

  4. yes. thank the federal regulations, they'll still test for the lulz
  5. As far as I know a lot of jobs here in WA drug test. It's a pretty big MMJ state, too. :smoke:
  6. Drug testing in the US seems pretty fucking harsh... I would love to be some fucking hardcore Einstien with loads of amazing shit in my head that the US government wanted, so they employ me and a fail the test and I go... "fuck you US Millitary" :smoking: :bongin:
  7. i have a physical and urine test in a non medical state, it sucks ass, i going in with quick fix, but i need to know if the UA is before or after, thats the only thing i am worried once i pass this i wont be drug tested again and wont really worry about losing my job
  8. they do check for hernia, so i should jock it when i go in and im sure i will wait on a doctor to come in if i dont take UA first bring a coat or jacket or stuff the bottle in my shoe or something....
  9. if its just a regular doctors visit they dont care if you smoke weed

  10. lol it's not a regular doctors visit.
    it's a physical checkup/drug test as part of the screening process for a job.
  11. yup ILLOGIK is correct thanks for all your replies and input

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