do massage therapists get drug tested usually?

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  1. im a student studying massage therapy and i graduate soon but i was wondering if most massage therapists get drug tested? also since im physically fit i doubt they would suspect me of smoking weed or doing drugs right? thanks
  2. I am physically fit and I do all sorts of substances... depends on the policy of where you are applying.
  3. They'll more than likely have a pre-employment drug screening, mandatory, fit or not.

    From there on out it'll be 1 of 2 options. They either;

    1. Randomly drug test. It's different from work place to work place but they'll give it out without warning every once in a while and you must take the drug test on site/that day usually.

    2. Drug test on suspicion. If they have reason to believe you've been smoking the reefer or doing any sort of drug, and give a fuck enough to administer it, they'll inform you that you need to take a test for so and so reasons.

    It's a professional job so you've got a strong chance of #1, but it depends on the company. Try googling some places policies that you'd be interested in working at after you graduate.
  4. you could always do it freelance and be your own boss....
  5. Since when did being fit exempt you from smoking weed or doing other drugs?:confused:

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  10. Better be safe than sorry I guess? They don't have to change shit until somebody makes them, but it would probably be a good idea.
  11. My oldest daughter was a massage therapist at a spa in a high end hotel in a resort town in Nevada & had a drug screen pre-employment & spent a few years with the hotel chain. She wound up managing the spa but never really had any drug tests other than the first one for employment.
    I once asked her how many happy endings she gave on a weekly basis. The look I got would have frozen a campfire and I wasn't invited to Thanksgiving dinner that year.
    Some folks just don't have a sense of humor:p
  12. I am a massage therapist and I have only seen 1 job that required drug testing out of the 100sbags of jobs I was browsing through. I also have many friends that are also massage therapists and I have never herd of them getting drug tested.
  13. [quote name='"BP to the DP"']Better be safe than sorry I guess? They don't have to change shit until somebody makes them, but it would probably be a good idea.[/quote]

    well i'm just saying it doesn't say anything about pictures in the rules.
  14. Seconded. That's the beauty of being a massage therapist, it's not terribly expensive or complicated to get your own thing going if you have to motivation to do it. You could rent space in a larger practice, buy yourself the basics to get set up, make sure you have the proper license, adequate insurance (you can get this and an ABMP membership for under $200 a year) do some marketing, and you'll be set. not have to worry about being subjected to drug testing and such. If you're doing clinic then I'm sure you won't be too intimidated by dealing with clients of your own. If your school has a career services dept, talk to them about freelancing.
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