Do male plants produce buds???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by SoNe_OnE, Jul 9, 2002.

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  1. I heard from someone that male plants do not produce buds..... Is this true??? If so what process would i have to use to smoke tha male plant, like how would i smoke it???? Do i have to dry it up or n e thing???? Or should i just wipe my ass with it??????? Pleze hitt me back with a reply a/s/a/p........please....=|
  2. In a nutshell....wipe your arse with them!
    Seriously, the males are not much good for smoking, you can cut the smaller leaves, dry and smoke, but don't even bother with the large fan leaves, make good toilet paper though!
    Males do bud, just not the type you need to smoke, the bud of the male has no hairs and then becomes the flower, the pollen from this flower can be used to pollinate the females to produce seeds, however if seeds are produced from the female this reduces the overall yeild of the female. So if you don't want any seeds then bin the males BEFORE they have the chance to flower!
    Good luck & have fun!
  3. If you've enough, some people use males to make hash oil, but the above is pretty sound advise.
  4. Thanks for all tha info, I wanna make sure im gonna be wipeing my ass with tha riight plant though! smokey said it was a male, but i dunno for a fact if it is?? I saw another one of my male plants today, its like a 8 inches tall has five full leaves on it and like 20 at least seeds on it.... My big plant thats like mmmmmmm 2 and a half to 3 feet tall has a few seeds and these weired looking spike things..... If you want, i can email you tha picture of it if you can tell if its a male or a female it would help....I cant send it through tha picture post cause it says tha file is to bigg, but thanks for tha info above........
  5. Yes, show us some pics, although if they have seeds then they are females! remove the males NOW! however sounds as if we maybe too late!
    good luck
  6. I already seperated them, even though they were all together at one time.... Not in tha same pot but like next to eachother, well n e wayz if you want me to send you pics of it then hitt me up on yahoo messenger- s3tz_wsa_k|20o , with underscores inbetween and AIM-aol instant messenger- Damaged 703, or i can email em to you if you post email adress???????
  7. Finally after all this time, i got it to work. I posted it in tha picture post!But it dosnt show all the hair and white hair nore tha crystals on tha leavez but there there.....
  8. If you have little ball like growths, then its male. I looked at your pics but couldnt tell anything. Has it been outside its whole life? If so budding should be starting in the next week or so. Usually starting about a month after the summer solstice. And if you have what you call seeds those are actually little flowers that are going to open very soon. Better luck next time.
  9. Even though its a male plant, it should still start budding in a week or so?????????It's been changed from outside to inside to outside......I havnt started vegatation yet, I dont even know if im exposed to??????? So those little ball like things are flowers????
  10. Male plants dont bud. Throw them away they're no good. If you want to grow outdoors then you have to leave the plant outdoors. Marijuana wont go thru its reproductive cycle outside if it doesnt get the gradual lengthening and then shortening of daylight. If the cycle is disrupted then the plant will most likely turn male.
  11. Take all the males down before they flower. Then you will have seedless buds. This is a good thing. Find a good recipe for pot brownies. It's so easy it would be a shame not to try...
  12. i have a hermi plant im confused can i get bud from it thats good?:confused:
  13. Can a Man Get pregnant...JK:smoking:.....No Sir,They Cannot Produce Buds
    although You Can Smoke Their Pollen Sacks To Get Ripped Out The Ass:D....
    Seriously You Can,"i Got The Cottons" Even Said So N i Don't Think He
    Was Bullshittin:wave:
  14. See the film JUNIOR????

    But no, males do not produce buds, or any THC worth considering.
  15. some people here swear by smoking the male flowers.... but ive never tried it......
  16. Female- have a party

    Hermi- keep some seed if you like the weed but separate from any females. If you're ok with smoking seed ridden, sub grade bud, have a blast. Not for me.

    Male- throw it away, useless. Not for smoking, brownies, etc. I suppose you could make rope but other than that,......get rid of 'em
  17. HEY GUYS!!! I stumbled across these plants, outdoors.. they were obviously distinctive from these other types of plants, where were DEF males crusty and seedy.. its getting maad colder now(end of october) so i grabbed them, but they don't have no PISTILS!! crystals are all over them nd there maad supple.. like squeezable and they smell like amstahdilly quality buddd... CAN ANY ONE IDENTIFY WHAT COULD BE THE CASE? i figured maybe they just still flowered yet or something, but time isnt on my side, and neither are the farmers in the area.. there about to chop them all down in order to clean out their fields.. (to them old dudes, its just weeds hindering their crop of corn, ect.) am i cutting them prematurely?or are they good bud?is it even worth cutting them, if so, prematurely? if so should i wait till later november regardless..???
  18. hi male plants produce seeds female plants produce bud but if you mix the male with a female it will become Hermie which will produce seeds and bud just pick off the seeds the Hermie has produced and smoke the bud  simple as that good luck with your grows.
  19. I think he finished almost 2 years ago
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