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Do lightbulb vapes smell? Also general lightblb vape thread.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fucking baked, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Click on the thread bitch

    Title pretty much says it.

    I made one equiped with the top of a bottle cut off and air tight sealed so you can screw the mouth peice off and drop your shit in. I removed the metal part of the bulb and got a clean brake around the glass. Tube is a clear pen air tight secured with hot glue, and it has a carb. This thing.... I've heard a lot of negative gum flappage about it but I've used this a few times, I brake up some fire 20ag dank as fine as I can.. I can put like less then a bowl pack in there. I light a candle and hold it over it after a sec i see some little like.... Streams of smoke swirling around it. I shake It around a lil bit and take a real slow soft draw as to not get any weed in my mouth. Its harsher then smoke but not in the way your thinking, it's not like you just took a huge ass hit it's just so strong of a hot flavOr. i usually hold back the urge to cough and hold it in for a second then when I exhale nothing comes out, witch has led me to believe there's no smell to it? That and I've heard people say vapes like the mflb and others don't leave much of a smell. People say as well that vaporiZers give you a weak high and don't get you stoned..

    I know experinces differ but this thing knocked me FLAT ON MY ASS with the bit of dank I had left the other day. I'm dry now but that day I was so baked I was On the Internet just bullshitting around I ended up getting off the Internet and laying down feeling my heart pound through my whole body and my thoughts were racing with trippy shit. I knew I dun fucked up thinking the lightbulb vape wouldnt do much

    Yeah I know I know... Long block of text with shitty grammar, I'm on my iPod soo ya know how that is. I'm just laying in my bed.

    Do these smell? Anyone care to share their experience? Are these toxic? Can they explode?

    What do you nigg@s know bout lightbulb vapes?:smoke:
  2. Go ahead and move this to toking tool if thatd be more appropriate
  3. Well, they do smell, I'd say a 4/10 compared to other popular smoking methods. If you are using a white lightbulb? Pour a tablespoon of salt in it, and shake it for 45 seconds. If you don't do this, yes white/yellow bulbs are toxic. Clear bulbs are no problem though. I used one once, and it exploded in my hands. Woke my parents up, lost some bud, and cut my foot. Do NOT hold the flame any closer than 1 inch to the bulb, and it WILL NOT explode. Other than that, use a candle not a lighter, and you should be set.

    - Happy toking.
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    Cool cool, I washed the fuck out of it and I believe I'm heating it correctly. I managed to keep black spots off the bulb soo...

    Good to hear they don't smell as much as smoking
  5. [quote name='"fucking baked"']Cool cool, I washed the fuck out of it and I believe I'm heating it right there are I managed to keep black spots on the bulb soo...

    Good to hear they don't smell as much as smoking[/quote]

    Yeah man, if you're using an (originally) white or yellow bulb, there should be NO white/yellow residue left. Completely clear. This residue is extremely toxic.
  6. Yeah they smell man. I made one like 2 years ago, those things can get really nasty tasting and in my experience the room we used did end up stinking. Of course it took me leaving and then coming back in to notice, but it definitely smelled. We were definitely blasted though.

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