do i want all my buds to look like this?

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  1. these two pics are what most of my buds look like

    and these two are of buds that are a bit different. and my question is, do i want all the buds to look like this or does it not matter. i ask because some buds that don't look like this already has 50/50 amber/cloudy trichs.
  2. i'll help ya out here a little




  3. lol i couldn't figure out how to do that. how do you?
  4. Type [ IMG]URL HERE[ /IMG] but remove the spaces between brackets. Or you can click the square yellow icon with mountains on it (I think they are mountains) and enter the URL that way.
  5. ok thanks. so yea do i want all my buds to have calyxes that are almost breaking open
  6. Im not sure what you mean but it seams to me you got some seeds in there. But they look completely normal to me.
  7. yea i thought they were seeds too but some people said they weren't, but im afraid i don't know much about the topic
  8. They look incredible....what's wrong?
  9. nothings wrong but i am just wondering what the things are on the top of the buds in pic 3 and 4. some say they are seeds but some say they are just part of the buds and idk if they are good, bad, or neither.
  10. The last one looks like a seed, the others I can't tell. Once your buds ripen more you'll be able to tell. The seeds will swell/split out the calyxes.
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    pritty sure they are seends looks like my plant did this year.

    they also look like they may need a few more days. if your not checking the trics wait till the hairs are around 80% brown
  12. ya dude you seeded the lady whether you meant to or not but it looks beautiful. may want to leave it longer if you want those seeds to fully mature
  13. the wierd thing is, shes all alone in my backyard and the only thing around for miles is other houses so someone else nearby is growing in their yard too. the ironic thing is that i was looking for a male to pollinate her but i couldn't find one. looks like mother nature did it for me.

    anyone know how far along those seeds would be?
  14. are you asking if the seeds are good or not that you see?
    that might even be a female preflower
    i wouldnt check till after harvest :wave:
  15. Damn looking fresh

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