Do I use MG perlite/foxfarms soil or just foxfarms soil?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by PostIt, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. I'm about to start my grow I have the fox farms trio nutes, fans, tons of CFLs, and a box I built but I have run into a possible problem.
    I have miracle gro perlite (sp?) that according to the bag has some crappy nuts in it. I dont know any shops neat me that sell stuff without nutes. Soooo here is the fork in my road....
    Do I transplant into just fox farms ocean forest potting soil or do I mix the quality fox farms with shitty miracle gro perlite?
  2. Skip the MG for now. It takes some experience to handle MG products.
  3. i have just recently purchased the MG perlite as it was the only available and i tried several place's. When i had some of the concern's you are experiencing i was able to reassure myself to use it because if you actually look at the percentage of the nute's in the perlite it was like 0.01-0.03-0.01 and i think even a beginner can handle some 1/100 strength nutes that even at maximum potency are still considered time release. I would say mix it in, just because everything im using so far, miracle grow organic potting soil, miracle grow perlite, and just store brand vermiculite is working amazingly well. I am just over 2 week's into flowering and have had no major problem's so far, ohh and 4 confirmed female's.:smoke:
  4. Damn I didn't even read the numbers, I just assumed all MG products suck for growing. Every forum has nothing but bad things to say about MG products with the exception of MG organix potting soil that I actually see people using a lot.
    Anyways thanks for the answer and congrats on the baby girls :D
  5. People just dont pay attention... MG Time Realease (Moisture Control) soils, potting mix, ferts, or whatever you wanna call it is what I think kills most plants.

    MG Organic Soils are just like any other organic soil, just slightly strengthened to produce desired quick-veg effects.

    The reason I would just stay away from Miracle Gro all together is that it's more expensive than generic brands and barely increases overall yield. The Miracle Gro Moisture Control killed 3 out of 4 of my plants at like 3 weeks into flowering. They were huge, looked like they were ready to throw me some fucking amazing buds, but all of a sudden, they just start dying. I bad-mouth MG for my own reasons :(.
  6. the MG perlites cool man Check my thread ive used it in all my plants, (ADDED IT AFTER THE INITIAL PROBLEMS LOOK LATER IN THE THREAD!!!!) I believe it helped tremendously the FF doesnt have enough perlit in it in my opinion.


    Just saw that - NOT true man. Look more in the threads, especially at MG WATER SOLUBLE ALL PURPOSE PLANT FOOD
  7. Ive had great success w/ foxfarm products. I like to mix a little perlite w/ the foxfarm soil to make sure the soil drains well. Forget anything w/ MG

  8. Thats Bullshit man. MG ALL Purpose Water Soluble Plant food is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED here on GC and as stated earlier the MG perlite is fine to use. Its the time released ferts that are bad man dont believe the hype :)

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