Do I tell her?

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  1. Sup gc, so recently I started going out with this girl, and I feel like I can pretty much tell her anything. We were at the park while I was smoking a bowl waiting to bring her home, and we started making out, so she starts giving me a hicky. And I'm like do it harder, and I end up asking her mulitple times and she's like, "I don't want to hurt you."

    But I find it hella hot if a chick is down to bite me and shit. I would be down to get her legit bite me and make me bleed. Although I'm not sure how to express this to her, as I really don't want to make her feel weird or scare her off. So do I tell her, or just live with not telling her?
  2. Uh....I dunno if you'd want to go to the point of bleeding. I don't mind deep bites and scratches either but I wouldn't want blood or anything involved when we're getting into it. Seems a little too unsanitary for me.
  3. don't tell her that is fucking weird that u like bleeding by a girl
  4. u have been watching true blood and reading twilight way to often

  5. Not bleeding like gushing all over the place, skin puncture IE a couple drops of blood.

    Meh I recently went through several doctor exams and I'm clean as a whistle, so it isn't unsanitary.

    Weird is based on perception good sir.
    What is weird to you might not be weird to others.

    Lolwut? Sorry I hate movies and tv shows like that.
    It's just hella hot to have a girl inflict some pain XD Especially one you bond with on physical, mental, and emotional levels.
  6. You might have to worry about it getting infected. The human mouth is full of bacteria and bite wounds are likely to become infected.

  7. Yea that is true, but it wouldn't be a bad bite you know... Pretty mild or a really, really hard bite.

    One time I was at the beach with her and we were making out and I was like scratch my chest, and she's like "oh your kinky?" So I tell her yea, so she already knows that I like shit like that, but I dont think she's aware that my pain tolerence is pretty high and ENJOY that sorta shit from a girl the level I do. I really don't want to weird her out though, as some people could be VERY weirded out by this.
  8. Dude man.....erotic asphyxiation = way to go

  9. LOL you silly bastard XD
    I have a girl friend, so my needs can be taken care of :p
  10. OP - Yeah I'd tell her.
    Though you might want to leave out the blood part...actually I'm pretty sure that while you might like the idea if she broke the skin, it might not turn out that way in reality.

    Just let her know it's something you wouldn't mind pushing your boundaries a bit with, IF she's willing and comfortable.
    Why not, right?
    If she gets freaked and leaves for you being open and honest, then as much as you like her, ultimately she's not the chick for you.
  11. You don't have to break skin to get the same pain level. Its pretty common for someone to be into pain. I'm not, but I've dated guys who were. Just takes practice. I was a little thrown off guard when a guy asked me to hit him while we were "mid-process", but it didn't totally weird me out. Just try not to be crude when you're telling her, unless she likes that sort of thing. Most girls are willing to oblige to biting,etc. But the blood might be a bit much. Even a few drops.

  12. Honestly I think I will, I mean i've told her a ton of shit already that seriously puts my life at risk, and she's perfectly ok with it, well she's not "ok," with it, but she doesn't think of me differently.

    Yea I've slowly been letting her know, like when we make out and shit I get her to scratch me and shit, and I've been asking her to do it more and harder. So I think she's getting the idea....
  13. Tell her you like it rough you kinky bastard you!
    Yea I definitely will next time I'm getting intimate with her.


    Understandable, you are definitely right I think telling her about the blood would be a lil bit weird for her.

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