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Do i still need dry, cured buds to make brownies?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by jayjay5396, May 8, 2012.

  1. hi got some weed currently drying ive had a sample already n its strong stuff but its still a lil damp not been cured yet i wanna make brownies but first i need to make cannabutter can i do it now or must i wait till its dried out?
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    read the stickies in this forum, but the short answer is, you're going to want to grind it up and decarboxylate it before you cook with it. you'll be sealing it tightly and heating it, dry, to just above boiling temps in an oven. This will perform the same important potency reaction that curing weed does, but at super-speed. It benefits all types of weed that are used to make edibles. Because your bud is fresher you'll simply want to decarb it a little longer than if it was already cured.

    Specific directions, methods, and time ranges are in the stickies. BadKittySmiles' threads and posts are numerous and helpful and almost all related to exactly what you're trying to do, so check her stickies in particular for everything you need. You can't go wrong following the directions

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