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do i spend to much on weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BDtoker420, Nov 26, 2011.

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    im 18 and i smoke weed. Pretty much everyone does in my school. I spend around 20 to 25 bucks on weed a week. Me and my friends split the charge for 4 grams for then weekends. So i only smoke 1 or 2 nights out of the week. Im wondering if 20 bucks is a lot in personal experience. BTW i do grow but i still have to wait like another month and a half till harvest. So im still buying and i was wondering what people usually spend a week on bud
  2. Im 18 and I spend 1200 a week.
  3. No. I go through about 10 grams in a week.
  4. $20 a week? It all depends, do you have a steady income like a job, or do you get money from other means? $20 a week, maybe 1-1.5 grams a week isn't a lot, medical patients can easily smoke that, and then some in a day.
  5. most my friends spend round 100 a week on dank
  6. I go through around $100 a week so that's not too bad :) I'd say too much is only when you can't afford what you need
  7. i wish i paid that much.
    i spend about 60 a week:smoke:
  8. If you only smoke once a week and you're spending $20 each time I would say that is pretty expensive.

    But if you're smoking everyday, $20 is not bad.
  9. Why spend?! GROW :D
  10. Better slow down man..
  11. dude...when i was 18, i spent a good amount of money on bud. But honestly if you can get a chance to grow you should, because weed doesn't deserve a price tag it's a plant that deserves to be free. Even simple things like getting cooter from the one you secretly love should be free. But its a complicated world we live in, still 20 dollars a week on bud isn't anything to worry about over spending. I would say smoke a little bit more, get a job to buy more bud, and grow some peach fuzz on those nads and we'll talk :)
  12. clearly it varies by your income... if youre poor as shit then yes way too much... if your rich then no not enough.... but really who is anyone else to tell u how u should spend your own money
  13. if he spends 20 bucks on weed a week and is worried about that being to much...i think he should quit smoking and buy himself new underwear because the ones he is wearing probably are bright ass yellow.
  14. Currently I spend $50 a week on bud, but I have good connects and I buy in bulk so that's an average.

    That's about a quad a week, and that's only because I'm not smoking nearly as much as I used to, nor do I run BHO or even have a nice bong right now!
  15. I spend 100$ every Sunday on a quarter.

  16. i do grow, but i have a looongg time until my plants are ready to harvest.. i was just wondering if 20-25 bucks a week on bud is a lot

  17. 20-25$ a week on bud is nothing.

  18. yes i do grow, im growing right now. but i have a loong time until they are ready so im still buying, so i was just wondering if 20 to 25 bucks was a lot. I have a job i was just wonding what other people spend on weed a week
  19. if I didnt grow...I would spend over $100 a week on weed :p been going on 1-2 grams a day until the past couple of about .25 grams a day

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