Do I Smoke too much?

Discussion in 'General' started by kalidus8, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I smoke $50 a week.... Is that too much?

    I smoke a Half ounce a week of reggis...
  2. Impossible for any of us to know the answer. Does the amount you smoke hinder you from your responsibilities? Does the amount you spend on weed cause you financial hardship in other parts of your life?
  4. Any reggies is too many....haha
  5. Unless it hurts your throat then no
  6. might want to bump it up to dank

    a lot smoother on the throat

  7. Are you sure if its dank lol?

    i know what you mean tho clean smoother taste..

  8. You're*
  9. maybe I've gotten too used to vapin
  10. I use to smoke a Oz a week far like a three month periods, it's down to like 12 grams a week.
  11. Thats not to much. I go $60 a week but only an eight. Where do you live, thats shit sounds cheap. Where i live that would be like $200

  12. LOL I'd rather buy an 8th a week of some good quality buds and smoke that sparingly instead of blazing a 1/2 oz of regs every week.
  13. I smoke every 2 hours , And dank wont last longer it will just get me high faster. If you equal the amount of reggies and the amount of dank used to get to the same point its really not that different. $10 a gram for dank or 3grams for $10 reggies. I can smoke 1.5 grams and get to the same place..

    No its not hurting me financial. I roll my own cigs so I like to think about it as me buying a carton. $50 half ounce or $65 a carton of smokes. But $100 A quarter for some dank! Now thats outrageous!
  14. Nah, you're straight dude.

    Keep smokin'. :smoke:
  15. Ha! Just the advise I was looking for! Bout to smooch this here pipe !
  16. Ew reggie
  17. [quote name='Pass the dr0']You're*[/QUOTE
  18. You can afford ~$2500 a year on bud OP? Nice
  19. Yes OP, you are smoking TOO MUCH BUD. Now hand your narcotics and paraphanelia over to me!:smoke:
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    every week i get myself a quad

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