Do I REALLY need an exhaust fan?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by blazin420, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. I just got a 430W MH/HPS convertible setup today. Damn things are expensive. Anyway, do I absolutely need to use an exhaust fan? I bought one, but I am looking at the room and don't think I can cut a hole anywhere for the pipe to run out.
  2. HIGH All, yes it's pretty important.....what kind of room you have blazin420? My room was a bedroom with a light in the ceiling which I took out and then put a exhaust fan sucking it out into my attic..if you can't do anything like that or it's a closet..maybe keep the door open during lights on so you can get some fresh air in.
  3. hey if you cant cut a hole in the wall, you may jus want to make sure you can bring fresh air in. ive successfully used an attachment fan that clips on to the door. i can position the fan to go any direction i want bringing in fresh air and allowing the door to remain cracked for air to by pushed out
  4. Its a 4 ft x 2 ft closet. I set it up and turned the light on for 10 minutes. At the same time I installed my thermostat/humidstat. It brought the temp from 84 degrees f. to 95 degrees f. I guess i'll have to install it. Thats way too hot.

    I can't leave the door open at all. My girlfriend is not too happy that I'm growing in our bedroom in the first place.

    I could cut a hole into the attic. But I was told that as soon as the attic pressurizes from the fan, it will backup and make the fan useless. Thats what the guy at the store told me.

    Now, I could grow in the attic instead. But its REALLY cold up there right now. Probably about 40 degrees f. The light would help, but its a pretty big space.

    I'm kinda pissed off right now. This isn't working out the way I planned. I'm thinking of moving out. But we just moved in together 2 weeks ago. This sucks.
  5. dood if you have an attic, you can easily construct a spot that will hold the heat. im even thinking you can safely use a space heater if you have to, just make sure its not sittin on any wood. im in a similar situation as you, but before we moved, i set down the rules. i was to have my one closet in the house.

    now if your going to run the street lamp in your bedroom, thats going to cause some distress. what are you going to do when the girls start smelling? and they will :)

    if the attic doesnt work, have you no other closet? i guess if not, then the best thing to do would move out :D

    seriously, you can make this work without loosing your girlfriend in the process.
  6. Hi all...

    Im half way through my first ever go at growing, and believe me an exhaust system is a must, i have struggled so much with temp, and i believe that obviously depending on your grow setup and surronding conditions that temp control will be one of the hardest things to get spot on. best advice listen to the advice given by the above posts ,Or you may regret it!!
  7. Yeah, I'll probably grow in the attic. I was at Sears Hardware yesterday and I saw an outdoor garden shed for $200. Its about 6 feet tall x 4 feet long x 3 feet deep. Its 60 cubic feet inside. If I can set that up in the attic, I would have no problem. But thats another $200, after spending $100 on the seeds and another $500 on the equipment.

    Oh, I set down the rules. lol But that still isn't going to stop her from complaining everyday. I wouldn't mind at all if we broke up. I just don't care anymore.

    Anyway, I should be home all day today trying to figure this out. I'll most likely move it up to the attic. I have a small oscillating space heater I bought at KMart for $20. I'll set that on low and put it a few feet from the plants. I can set it up with a small regular oscillating fan. but I can't find one anywhere. They all say they are seasonal and will not be in stock for another couple of months. grrr

    I have some time though. I put the seeds in the Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets about 36 hours ago. No signs of life yet. I'm using a "Germination Station." Its got a heat pad and humidity hood. Hopefully they will sprout within the next 24 hours.

  8. HIGH All, be carefull my friend..a women scorned could cause alot of problems.

  9. Not to worry. I have a lot more dirt on her then she has on me. She knows that if I went down, she'd go down harder. I always prepare for these types of situations well in advance. :)

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