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Do i Qualify?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by loopster, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. im curious do i qualify?

    I have horrible migraines
    stress causing no sleep
    and acid reflux
  2. Depends on what state you're in, you may wish to check out the sticky with the various state's rules.
  3. colorado and ill check that out
  4. Yes you do qualify. I have mine for my migraines that are about a day long. You're not for acid reflux, but migraines are considered severe pain
  5. You qualify in colorado.:)
  6. Thank you guys,
    give it love + rep
  7. hehehe the question iswho doesn't Qualify.Any1 can get a card,you just need to be 18 or older and say,"wah my back hurts" and BAM!! legal weed.:smoking:

  8. Probably in California.. not Colorado. It's a lot more thorough. Maybe it isn't now, but when I got mine, they really examined me and asked about my condition while looking at my med records to make sure that I wasn't making shit up.
  9. hahaha that sucks,MAN i love living in Cali :D
  10. #10 tharedhead, Sep 25, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2009

    Watch out or one of these days we're all going to wake up in Arkansas.....:eek:
    (no offence to Arkansas,or its many large snapping turtles)

  11. Encouraging fraud is nowhere near cool.

  12. im not,you really can get it for a bad back,im just saying having a bad back is common.
    and there so many symptoms that you can get it for it's hard not to fall under one of them
  13. depends. if your insurance is paying for it, maybe not so cool. but if you are, then hell yeah. it should be legal anyways. if its coming out of your pocket then there is nothing wrong in my opinion.

  14. This is true, however, the way that you worded your poorly written post indicates that you encourage lying to get a recommendation, and that is not something that is allowed on GC.

    Your opinion is incorrect. There is definitely something wrong with illegally obtaining a MMJ recommendation.
  15. come on guys lets not flame mk mj is not bad mmk no more of this tomfoolery
  16. uhh.. you cant have a correct or incorrect opinion on a subject that has no correct or incorrect answer.:confused_2:

    regardless. its manipulating the manipulators. i think if your not paying your herb with insurance and stealing then by all means jump on your right to kick back and smoke in your own home. :smoke:
  17. Sorry, but it DOES have a correct answer. The correct answer is that IT'S ILLEGAL TO FRAUDULENTLY GET A MMJ RECOMMENDATION.


    Keep up your silly belief that it's OK, and tell that to people in states where there is no MMJ because MMJ opponents keep espousing the fraud that is committed in MMJ states.

    BTW - there is NO Medical Insurance that covers MMJ. So again, you are just showing your own ignorance.
  18. and it's not hard for me to go to a doctor and say Whaaa my back hurts and get enough Oxicotten, Vicdon or many other drugs that can and have been PROVEN to KILL addict and have a whole mess of really bad side effects and this is LEGEL and condered the RIGHT thing to do.
  19. just go to a clinic and find out if you qualify... it doesn't cost you anything if they don't give you a recommendation
  20. That's so not the point here. Regardless of your belief in the system itself, there are still rules to follow within the system. If that's your belief than you don't even need Medical Marijuana, now do you? We aren't even discussing pharmaceuticals and the morality of obtaining opiates or other phamaceuticals purely for recreational use.

    Again, it's always a me-first attitude with those who think it's OK to commit fraud and illegally obtain a MMJ recommendation. I can't change your ways of thinking, I can only espouse that by following the rules that they have set up for MMJ we can count on continued safe access. By violating the rules we will lose our access sooner rather than later.

    BTW - it's also against GC's TOS to even discuss the illegal obtaining of a Medical Marijuana recommendation, so might as well move on already, lest your posts saying that it's cool to get a card fraudulently get reported and you get banned.
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