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Do I qualify for MMJ or not? (WA state)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Hotwire_A_Uterus, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. I have been struggling with appetite issues for the past few months. I started using weed to help with my appetite, with great results. But I still live with my mom, who is not okay with me smoking (unless it were legal for me, or medical), so I figured I should try getting my card so I don't have to hide it. I went to a walk in clinic (family doctor is a bit of a drive away), told them everything that was going on, and ended up being diagnosed with Anorexia, as well as referred to a behavioral health clinic.
    I thought "Okay, now that I officially have a qualifying condition, I should contact a MMJ clinic". So I had my medical records released to a clinic near me, and had an appointment scheduled for this Friday, but today, they emailed me and said that I did not qualify and that they could not approve me for a MMJ authorization. Appetite loss/anorexia is a qualifying condition in Washington so I'm really confused about why I was turned down.
    Advice on how to follow this up would be appreciated.

  2. One question how old are you?
    Where I live they won't prescribe MM for anyone under 25


  3. I'm 18, which is the age requirement here in WA.

  4. my guess would be that no sane doctor will prescribe medical to 18 year old for being anorexic anywhere. doc's advice will be change diet

  5. Perhaps you should inquire at the clinic that denied you. They are in the best position to know what's up.
    Be polite and professional, do not loose your cool.
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    Fuck it nevermind.

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