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Do I qualify for mmj card in CO? (Chronic pain from 2 failed shin fracture surgeries)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Mizz531, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. Hey I'm new this forum and just looking for a little help. I'm a former D1 basketball player at a local colorado college who was forced to cut his career short due to a non-union of a fracture in my tibia (basically i fractured my shin and it will not heal). I first had surgery to implant a metal rod into my shin in march of 2005 and then again in january of 2007. During the second surgery they actually injected steroids at the fracture sites and performed bone grafts as well as implanting screws at my ankle and knee to anchor the bigger, second rod down (which they did not do the firist surgery). During what would have been my senior year I was forced to take a medical hardship (or forfeit my eligibility) as the pain was too intense and the fracture to this day still has not healed.

    During my ncaa basketball career I was randomly drug tested so mj was never really an optin as I would automatically lose my scholarship, so I was forced to swallow the numerous painkillers to do everything from sleep at night, walk down the street, and attempt to hit the hardwood. For the past 4 years I have not been able to even walk up and down stairs without excrutiating pain in my shin, with the exception of the pain meds (which left me feeling sick to my stomach, loss of appetite, etc.). However, once I graduated in june of 08 I was able to begin (at the advice of a close friend;I had never smoked before) smoking mj and I was actually able to lead a relatively normal life for the first time in years. I didn't have the chronic throbbing at night that kept me up, I was able to go up and down stairs without pain, and ive even been able to play a bit of basketball with little pain.

    My question to the forum is whether or not I seem like a candidate for a mmj card in the state of colorado. I can easily go over to the school and get copies of my records detaling the condition and the surgeries, as well as the meds they had me taking for it. My injury has left all my doctors baffled as there is a 1 in a million or more chance of the fracture not healing on its own, let alone with two very invasive surgeries. Any comments and/or information about what doctors or physicians I could contact would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all in advance
  2. getting a MJ med card, really isn't that hard, you defiently seem like a "real" cannidate and should have no problem getting a med card, but in your state it really doesnt even matter, getting caught with under an O in colorado is nohting more than a slap on the wrist. Find a physician who is "pot friendly" and youll be on your way to a med card. Go to, for more information on doctors and other guidelines.
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  4. Thanks a lot for the replies so far. They've definately been a big help. P.S. anybody have any idea on the prices for the mmj cards in denver. Just trying to get a ballpark figure doesn't have to be exact as I'm sure it varies from place to place.
  5. no, registration fee is 90$
  6. I initially worked with the Colorado Chronix organization when I got my card. They sent me to CannaMed, as they use their organization for referals.

    They worked with me to help inform me and obtain my medical records. Their charge for the doctor's rec. was $200 in addition to the $90 registration fee.

    They will likely recommend CT in Colorado Springs, as it is the largest Co-Op in Colorado. If you can afford the drive down there it is highly recommended.

    Good luck, I hope you are medicated and pain relieved soon.
  7. i just set up an app with cannamed.. are you pleased with working with them? how was the appointment? and shit its 200 + 90? damn..
  8. You definitely qualify and I can help for a lot less than cannamed. Anyone who's interested drop me a PM.
  9. I was satisfied with working with CannaMed, aside from the high price.
  10. do you feel that it was easy for you to get your rec? my doctor: a, has really bad handwriting; b, that being said, i dont think hes sending the right information. do you think, with the records that the Dr DID receive, I could just talk with him and see if it is right for me to get this?
  11. Well I suffer from Epilepsy among other conditions, so I was guranteed by CannaMed that I would get my rec and card as soon as I produced medical records. Once I got the records, they like to see tests (EKG in my case), there was a appointment and physical set up with the Doctor. I talked to them before I was able to obtain my records and filled out the paperwork to send to the registry.
  12. i see. i have had about 10-12 seizures in the past 3 years, but due to hypoglycemia. they all occurred because of rapidly spiking blood sugars. i suffer from insomnia, and a lack of sleep schedule makes me feel comfortable to eat about 1 meal a day, which is terrible for a diabetic. i still maintain good diabetic health, but i feel that MMJ can help me, legitimately.
  13. Sounds legit to me, just tell that to the people at CannaMed if that is whom you choose to go to. You can discuss that while you fill out the paperwork and then give them your medical records once you have them.

    Good luck and I hope you are able to legally medicate soon.
  14. Hi Mizz531,

    Please check your private messages... :eek:
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