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Do I qualify for a MMJ card?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Nickelinthenight, Nov 22, 2014.

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    I severely sprained my left ankle when I was 10 and it never healed correctly. Got an X-ray when I was 18 and the doc still couldn't see anything wrong, im 24 now and my ankle still causes me chronic pain to this day. Just looking at my ankles, the left one is clearly larger than the right.

    I also suffer from carpal tunnel off and on, saw a doc about it twice but he never prescribed anything for it.

    Add extreme insomnia (most nights I'm up till 4am) and restless legs which causes me chronic pain almost every night. These two I do not have records for.

    I've also been diagnosed with depression, sleep apnea and aspergers/autism spectrum disorder.

    All I know is when I smoke, my ankle pain, depression and restless legs go away, and I can actually sleep.

    I was planning on going to the Hope Clinic. has anyone been turned down there? Do you think I qualify for a card?
  2. You qualify in many places, but not all so it depends upon where you're located.
  3. I live in WA state.
  4. You obviously do not live in California. Sounds like you live in Jersey. Try telling the doc that you have tried marijuana and it helps you with your symptoms. Good luck!
  5. if you live in Washington I would guess you would qualify
  6. It's legal there why do you need a medical card
  7. Medical weed is multitudes cheaper than recreational weed.

    Sent from a Pineapple under the Sea.
  8. Why is that?
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    "Legally obtained rectreational weed" that is, not any black market buds, that'll always be the cheapest.

    Sent from a Pineapple under the Sea.
  10. Um I would say no because it is legal.. and you can find yourself a really good caregiver through connects on social sites and through friends

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