Do I need to trim these plants?

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  1. Do I need to trim these or do anything else? I believe its to early to determine sex of them... anything I can do to get these babies flowering faster?

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  2. Trimming the plants will not help it flower faster.. that comes by age, and switching the lights to a 12/12 light period. Topping the plant a few weeks before flipping the lights would increase the yield.. google topping a marijuana plant. its really easy. :)

    look for pre flowers and then thats an indicator to switch the lights over..
  3. They look nice..
    indoor or outdoor?
    I defiantly top them, GREATLY increases yield!
    if your outdoor you just have to wait for them to flower if your indoor you can swap light cycles, but they look fairly small to be flowering, remember small plants = small yeilds

    Mr. Duke
  4. Thanks you guys i just topped them. Theyre an outdoor grow. Anything else i can add to the soil or anything?
  5. Do you have them on any nutrients yet?
    When they bud you can buy a product that's suppose to make the buds bigger it's called like super bud or something you'll see it at your local grow shop
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    I dont have a local "grow shop" and no, theyre not on any special nutrients
  7. Buy some molasses at walmart for about 3 bucks and use it during flowering for a boost of "carbs and sugars" that the plant needs during flowering
  8. :smoke:High nitrogen plant food every other watering until flowering. Good growing.
  9. Plants don't use carbs and sugars. A little molasses will help the growth of bacteria in the soil that help the plant absorb nutrients. You still need a good actual fertilizer.
  10. Man I tried to grow some indoors and let it grow without cutting, as that was my first time and it took a long time to actually grow anything. So i think regular trimming is required to make growth much faster. More like facial hair lol
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    Awesome. Are any other household items like this good for my plants?

  12. plant food :)
  13. Yeah just regular "plant food" the stuff you can buy any where will work fine.

    20-20-20 works fine for veg but preferably something with a higher Nitrogen content
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    Oh okay sweet. Thank you. :)
  15. Don't trim that plant.
  16. Nope.

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