do i need to trim my plants.

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  1. Ok so my plants are seven weeks old and are very small due to much shock.
    but they are extremely bushy, so some of the older leafs seem to be in the way of the newer baby leaves trying to grow, should i cut these older leafs?
    Thanks for the help, if you need pic let me know.
  2. Everycut adds shock, just let your plant be a plant.
  3. yea send a pic of ur set up. but no i wouldnt cut yet. youll just end up shocking them. let it grow
  4. really now hmm didnt know that
  5. are you growing indica or sativa. if indica your plants will be shorter and bushier
  6. im growing SHIVA SKUNK i believe this is a hybrid thats what the guy at the club told me.
  7. shiva skunk. never heard of it.
  8. heres a quick pic.
  9. yea there a sativa type plant. just let them keep growing and when u enter your flowring stage then you can start to trim but let them grow for now. smaller leafs on the bottom is normal. but if u want more light then add some lights around the lower parts of the plant.
  10. if that's foil around the bottom of your plants I would for sure get rid of it to avoid hot spots.
  11. i havent had any hot spot yet
    but ill change the foil if i start to get some.

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