Do I Need To Flush When Using Organic Nutrients?

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  1. Hi do i i have to flush my plants when using bio bizz organic nutrients?

  2. Isn't Bio Bizz liquid nutes? I would flush. Really you don't have to flush with Organic but IMO anything bottled up like that isn't really organic. If you had an organic mix that consisted of different meals, ewc ect ect. then you wouldnt have to. 
    If it were me I would flush just because I believe anything bottled like that isn't truly organic.
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    Yeah its liquid nutes. Wouldn't it be false advertising? How do i flush a plant do you do it with water? Ive still got four weeks left on my auto flower
  4. I use general organics bottles and don't really flush. In my opinion it isn't really needed unless you've been badly overfeeding.
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  5. Just stop using nutes and water normally for 2 weeks before harvest. No need to dump gallons of water at once. You will be able to get rid of leftover nutes in the soil by watering as you normally would.
  6. You referring specifically to flushing before harvest to improve taste? There are other reasons (and times) for flushing, you know...
    My recommendation is to flush a week or two before harvest no matter what. Simple reason: it's a pain, but there's no real downside. If your plants needed it then great, if they didn't then no harm no foul.
    If you have nute burn or a pH problem then flushing will be just as helpful if you are all-organic or not.
    BTW you have to be concerned with not just your ferts being organic but your soil mix as well.
  7. Anything out of the bottle needs flushing. End of story. Bio bizz, the GO line, fox farms, none of em are true organics. So yea, flush. Just omit nutes on feed day and water as usual!

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