Do I need to feed my plants anything

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  1. Can I just get some fertilizer and worm casting and leave it there for a month and then plant or is there anything I will need to add to it periodically with the exception of water, copper rings (slugs) and bug repellent. Basically my question is if I need to feed it any food and if so what? first time grower
  2. Those questions have been asked and answered a thousand times before. If you are serious about growing, do some research, browse around these threads for info.
  3. Nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, trace elements...
  4. If you are looking for what to feed your plants you need to focus on the particular strain you are working with.

    If you are working with a strain from Holland then you don't want to give it oriental food, right?

    I work a lot with strains originated in the United States so I feed them a lot of cheeseburgers and pizzas. Sometimes on their birthday's, I will go to Chilli's and get them a half rack of ribs.

    Hope this helps you fuckin' noob.

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    get some fox farms big bloom and or tiger bloom, and fox farms grow big. And use molasses.
  9. Actually, this is a good question. Almost everyone "feeds" their plants. Give them something organic. There is food for vegetative stage and food for budding stage.
    The reason I say almost everyone is, it also depends on the quality of the soil you're using. I treat my garden before planting. I will give them a good dose of fish emulsion in about the second month of growth. I give them a good dose of Earth Juice Bloom once when I see them starting to bloom. THIS IS ALL. I don't feed them or pamper them with supplements. I know this seems rediculious with all the growing management that everyone does but I've found it's really not needed. Look at my gallery. My plants are over 2 pound yields all the time. I just use lots of grow room and good soil.
  10. Agreed. That is why it is answered exhaustively in the stickies that the questioner has been referred to.

  11. Bing. Canth, so wise....

    We should made a sticky covering "What the best strain is for my area" since that gets asked about as many times as I inhale oxygen during a day.
  12. Along with ´Tell me absolutely everything I need to know about growing´.

    Hang on, I think there ARE stickies for that.
  13. This site, and just about all sites like it, always have the same questions being asked over and over again. How many newbies read the entire site before posting? It takes a while to figure how this site works best. This is why we see the same things being posted over and over. I think it's probably human nature to have a question and ask it, as opposed to searching through pages and pages of a website first. Besides, I don't think any of the stickies give the opinion that I gave. Which is if the soil is good, I do basically nothing.
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    How many newbies make any kind of effort to read ANYTHING before posting?

    And a very common scenario is a newb coming here, asking his question that has been answered a million times before, and some of our established friends will give generously of their time providing a comprehensive answer. The newb is then never seen again.
    Now I like to help people, that is why I have gone to a lot of trouble to answer some FAQs in my sig, but when someone with posts in single figures says, ´I want to grow MJ, tell me absolutely everything I need to know´ I just refer them to the stickies, until they establish some sort of attendance record.

    And I note that holy jawana, who started this thread with his 3 posts to his name, has yet to return to express his thanks to puffpuff for his taking the trouble to reply. ( +rep to puffpuff, incidentally). Maybe he will yet, but I am watching this space.
  15. :rolleyes:

    I can't help but wonder how many of your 3,000 posts are just complaints about other peoples posts. Speaking often doesn't necessarily mean you're ever sayin anything. And aside from that, even if a person read everything there is to read on the internet about how to grow bud all you're gonna end up with is a hundred thousand different opinions on the best way to do it.

    :bongin: more :mad: less
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    Well, HM, I have just looked through your massive tally of 34 posts to date and most of them are similar digs at other members and contribute NOTHING to the forum.
    And if you don´t like what I have to say then put me on your ignore list.

  17. I do not want to get in the middle of anything here, but I can say with absolute certainty that Cantharis is probably among the top 2 or 3 knowledged outdoor growers here on
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    I have said all I have to say to this guy, but thanks for your support, iAM. +rep to you, Sir. And -rep to HM.
  19. I was a newb and read everything possible and still do to this day, it helped a lot, I agree that reading is only part of comprehending and it's been my pleasure to get some great answers from the pros, even Cantharis, after I've read and tried to figure it out on my own. If you want everything handed to you in life, you'll get nothing, EVER.

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