Do i need to buy anything else with a bong? 1st timer

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  1. hi,

    i'm going to buy my first bong, the black leaf Elite, and i'm wondering if i need anything else? while reading on the forum i came upon... filters, ash catchers, pre-coolers... Do i need any of those for the bong i'm going to buy?

  2. It should come with a downstem and bowl, past that you don't *Need* anything, but you could get things.

    Everything you add on will influence the hit; honestly speaking, though, you should be fine with just the pipe.
  3. Well, possibly a screen depending on the size of the bowl, but if your not grinding, just shove a nugget in there to plug er up.

    Also, maybe some weed? ;)
  4. Heard the bowl it comes with is huge. You should invest in a nice size bowl and trash catcher aka a/c.
  5. Trash catcher. Haha, good one, haven't heard that one.

    I'd just ask what they'd recommend for a screen, but generally a screen is not needed depending on what your putting in.
  6. i'm going to go straight nugs in there, so i don't think i'll need a screen. right?

    About getting an extra bowl, do i have to? from the videos i saw that bong seems to make a lot of smoke with the bowl it comes with!

    so that bong DOESN'T come with an ash catcher? can anyone recommend me one? I'm sure that is an important purchase no? who wants to inhale ash...
  7. its not about inhaleing ash its about keeping your bong clean and giving a somewhat smoother hit then without the ashcatcher.....
    if the bowl/hole in the bowl is too big ur just gonna pull the bitch right through once flame hits it and it starts to burn

  8. ah, i understand. Does the ash catcher comes as a combo of a bowl\ash catcher, or you need to get the two seperate? or in my case, for the black leaf elite bong, should i just get an ash catcher? suggestions?
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  10. save your money on the dumb shit like the coolers and all that. Just get a basic bong and it'll work real well. Maybe buy a grinder and a bigger peice for yuor bong if the stock one is too small. then spend the rest of your money on dank.
  11. u could always check out local stores..that way you dont have to wait for ur piece in the mail....
  12. If you dont want to know what a dirty bong looks like

    get a carbon filter.

    best accessory I feel.

  13. just made my way over to order the Mcfinn Carbon filter with activated carbon after seeing this post.....i also got some of that Joint wax for my glass joints, some bee line, a small worked dish, and some other small goodies.

    OP did you choose a bong yet?

  14. hey hey everyone, so i did some research locally, and found a nice head shop that gave me a 20% discount on my bong, i went for the REKLESS 10 arm perc, with an ash catcher..... and it IS GREAT. super smooth and huge tokes!! :smoking:

    now i have to figure out how to clean this bitch... the ash catcher seems like it it gonna be impossible to clean.

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