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Do I need this vape?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by megamondays, Mar 14, 2012.

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    So my buddy owed me some money after i made a pot investment with him. i gave him 80 and he made 120 ish and gave me 40 back and i decided instead of the rest of the 60 that i would get a Magic Flight Launch Box, which is about 100 dollars new on the internet (130 on here but whatevs.) I got the box, the cleaning brush, the extension tube, two batteries and their chargers, and a medium sized black bag to carry and store it in.

    I have already gotten caught a few times throughout high school (this is my last year in HS). The first time i got my pipe smashed. The second time i got grounded cause someone snitched me out, i didnt have anything in my room though to my parents grounded me by what they heard. And the most recent time i got grounded for a month, maybe a little more, for burning in my side yard. Not one of my best ideas...

    So until recently i had my mind set on not keeping any paraphernalia with me or near me or owned by me at all. And just chip in and burn with my friends.

    I really only burn with my friends, hardly by myself. But i saw the deal and thought that it would be nice to have a discrete, safer alternative to a pipe or J's. For example, if my parents are out my buddies and i can get high in my living room with no smelly evidence in like 10 minutes.

    I dont burn every day. Maybe once or twice a week really.

    It would be nice to have for college. As the smell doesnt last longer than a fart.

    Seems efficiant on weed.

    Cost me $60.

    only smoking tool.



    thanks for reading.
  2. Well, you already bought it so... try it out and see how you like it. If its not your cup of tea, see if you can sell it to one of your friends or something. To be honest, the Magic Flight isn't the true vaping experience like you would get from a desktop vape. If you like the MFLB, save up for a good desktop vape.
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    I bought a MFLB, didnt like it, returned it and got an Extreme Q (which is VERY nice) but now I just use a nice 5mm thick Glass bong. Nothing beats a hit from amazing quality glass.
  4. fuck a store-made vape

    lightbulb vapes till the fucking death.
  5. I can guarantee you that you're burning the weed at some point.
  6. yeah i may get a desktp one later, but the point of this one is to be small and stowable as a pipe. Ive used bigger vaped before and they do work muuuuuch mroe amazing than the MFLB. But MFLB is small and stowable. The number of hits doesnt really bother me.

    Im jsut trying to figure out if i really need it or not. in the end its only $60... which i can make back when i get my summer job back.
  7. if you do plan to get a good vape you should get the no2 vaporizer, i have it and it works so well. is all digital and has a rechargable battery and is really portable but also really good for when your at home, sits in your hand nice, easy to clean, only thing is it gives really thick vape clouds so not the most discrete vape but it still all dissapears within a few seconds. when i bought mine i got ripped and spent $280 on it at a smoke shop but ive seen it online most places at $140 and also come with a bunch of free stuff
  8. An MFLB honestly can't replace a nice desktop vape, but they're incredible vapes for being so cheap and portable. If it's your first vaping experience, give it some patience, vaping is way more than worth it.
  9. Crackhead

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