do i need more ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by roland, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. alright heres the deal.i went out and got a single 400 watt sunmaster neutral deluxe m.h, now what i whant to know will that be enough light for say 4-6 babies in a 4w 4l 6h space. p.s i,m wondering if i was sold this stuff because if i was a baby you could have taken my cany right then and thre.
  2. dude, that's all good, im kinda stonrd, so i might not make much snse. I have 100 watt buolb ove 2 plantsm, they doin good, so 400 W over 6 should be fine. good luyk man, hope ya plants turn out well.
  3. You did just fine,,,with the 400w MH,,you may wish to add a 250w HPS at flowering(20% more bud).

  4. thak you i own plenty of reptiles and am wondering if i could use my extra florecent lights in place of any h.p.s light..

  5. Not in place of the same color or intensity...flourescents are best used in the early seedling stage...then move up from there....MH....HPS...


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