Do i need MH bulb or will my HPS be ok

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  1. my grow room is only small its a wardrobe in my bedroom the 400w is on the top shelf all i wanna do is grow a few plants i could probably fit 5 or 6 plants in the space i have i just wanna grow a few not looking to make money i just wanna grow some of my own bud

    Do i really need an MH bulb or will my 400w HPS do fine all the way from seed to harvest
  2. Dude my first grow is in my sig, I used HPS with some CFLs all the way through, see how it came out.
  3. You will be fine with a hps just will see more stretch than a mh
  4. what does more stretch mean is that good or bad
  5. When the plant grows with alot of spacing between the nodes. Think a tall lankey plant. While a mh will keep it more short and bushy.
  6. that sounds like i need some bamboo then to keep them up straight i dont want them to snap
  7. Haha, I told you check out my grow man, I assure nothing spindly whatsoever. I had good node spacing little stretching and very full bodied strong plants. All you need is a little supplimental (like 40 watts) of 6500k CFLS.
  8. yeah m8 i seen them your set up looks almost the same as mine i dont have CFL but am looking into buying 1 its not 6500k but it is 6400k doesnt seem like much differents am still gonna use my HPS i paid alot of money for it all it is is a bloody bulb n ballast the price was abit extream heres the CFL light am thinking about buying if you have found a better 1 that doesnt need a ballast please post it no way am i buying another ballast thats too much money

    heres the light
    [ame=]GreenLamp 65w Blue Spectrum 6400k CFL grow light lamp bulb Bayonet B22: Lighting[/ame]
  9. CFL's are more efficient if you have like multiple small ones in my experience. Try something like:

    HTG Supply - 3 Pack - 25 Watt Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
  10. I've bought from em before, they seem like the type that if you called em and asked em to mix and match they would. Way I see it is you already have the 2500k from the HPS, just buy the 6500k pack and put them in strategic places. It will make for some nice plants.
  11. I wouldnt waste money on the cfl the 400w hps is enough I have 6 plants under mine currently.

    You are fine vegging with just the hps. :smoke:

    cfl's dont give off nearly the amount of lumens as hd lights
  12. I don't think It's the lumens that matter, It seems to me that just having some of that light present keeps the plants confused about where to stretch to, and you can half the height of your plant just from giving them "mini suns" to keep em low.
  13. Just get a dual spectrum bulb... That's what I use... I have no stretch and perfect nodal length.
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    Ding ding ding... We have a winner! Ditto, and the best idea. Thats my .02
  15. I've always thought about this as a perfect solution. Never used one of the bulbs though so I can't say for sure.
  16. ^ Well my friend... This grow (in my sig), is using one... No stretch to be seen. It looks like a normal HPS, but it throws off a blue which they eyes can't see... It's a great lil invention. Not cheap, but worth it IMO

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