do i need bigger pots?

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  1. ok i have two unknowns vegging in 2.5 gal pots. they have been vegging for almost 2 months. (ill put a pic of one from a couple days ago. ) ive had them under 160 watts of flours but im getting ready to move them under a 400w hps for flower. im worried the roots are gonna out grow the container during flower, but im having doubts about taking the time to transplant them because ............

    a. They are just bagseed, but it was some decent bud and if i grow it sinsimilla it will be better than the weed it came from.
    b. I dont even know the sex yet so i could have two males. and i hate wasting time. i would be upset if i took the time to transplant and two weeks later they had balls on them.
    c. its only in mg soil so im not expecting much anyways.

    but they both look really nice and they stink pretty good.
    I guess im just curious what others would do in this situation. would you transplant in to a bigger container with better soil and hope they are female. or just leave them alone.

    lol i hope this makes sense to someone, because it doesnt make much sense to me. i got some green crack from a friend and now i can barely see straight.

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  2. Why would you not transplant and sex them? They look very healthy, in spite of the MG. Get yourself some unamended soil and organic bloom nutes and a 5 or 7 gallon container and transplant and then another few weeks at least of veg to recover, but I'd go 2 months more just to get some monsters.
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    yeah im not too worried about the mg grow. ive been flushing the soil pretty well and even had to start adding light nutes to it. i have some ffof i can use if i transplant. but if i just wanted to flower now would the pots they are in be big enough or do you think they get root bound. I think i heard that the roots slow down during flowering. is there any truth to that?

    oh and my tent is only 6.5 ft high. with the lights i dont want my plants much more than 5ft tall.
  4. i would put them in bigger pots gives them more room and will prevent future problems from arising and giving you problems later on down the road during flowering
  5. You'll want a bigger pot regardless because they'd be drying out in half a day in those pots during late flower.
  6. good point bro, i didnt think of that.
    what about if i get them to pre flower, sex em, and if there female then transplant and put back in veg for a few more weeks. or would that be too stressful.?
  7. I'd transplant now and sex later. Up to you.
  8. thanks for the input !

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