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Do I need an intake fan??

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by chillmode, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. I have a question regarding my grow room setup and I wanted to see what the group opinion is...

    I have built a (D)4 x (W)8 x (H)6 and it's completely air tight. I have a Vortex 6" inline fan hooked up to my carbon filter and was wondering if I needed an intake fan or not.

    I was thinking about cutting a 4x10 or 6x10 and putting a carbon screen over it so that the vortex exhaust fan can pull air through the vents.

    I'm relatively new to this growing thing so any advice would be awesome!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  2. ok, so I understand correctly, your room is airtight as stated.

    Are you going to be using this Vortex / Scrubber combo to just scrub the air and recirculate inside your AIRTIGHT grow space? if yes, im assuming you are using a C02 setup?


    are you saying you are going to be exhausting the vortex scrubbed air outside of the grow space which would require a passive intake for fresh air to enter the grow space which would negate the airtight grow space? <<<if this is your scenario, then you will NOT need a fan on the intake as the vortex pulling air in should be sufficient to create negative pressure and plenty of airflow. Just make sure your intake is at least twice the size of your vortex exhaust port or have more than one passive intake.

    my setup in a closet is similiar. I use a 6" vortex to exhaust the grow space and have 3 different passive intakes bringing in fresh cool air.

  3. im using 6" fan
    and i got 2 x 6" passive intake holes
    works just fine

    good luck
  4. with that setup you'll get more airflow with a passive for sure.
  5. Linedrivr,

    You are right w/ the 2nd one. I have the Vortex mounted to the wall and have a carbon filter inside the grow room high up in the corner. My plan is to cut a Ventilation hole on the other side of the grow room near the bottom so that the air pulled through the vents will have to pass through the plants. Damn I wish I had my camera so this would be easier.
  6. So I ended up cutting a 5x10 square vent at the bottom of the room opposite of the Exhaust Fan & Filter and I have just one 600 watt light hooked up so far. My temperature w/ the lights on are from 73-75 degrees. I was thinking about cutting another vent somewhere in the room. my question so far is... is there such a thing as too many vents?

  7. Yes, if you have too many intake vents you carbon filter will not be able to take care of the odor fast enough. Some of the odor would leak. If thats not a concern (but you have a carbon filter so it must be a concern) then there is no such thing as too many vents.
  8. Cool. I guess tons of fresh air never hurts!
  9. Negative pressure is what you must have ie make sure the out take fan is slightly larger than the intake fan. If you have a intake fan this will relese the stress on your outake fan and generally improve the cooling by up to 40%. Also this will give you lots of benifitial co2 into the room mutch more than passive alone. You will also increase the lifespan of your out take fan. If you run the fans on speed controlers you can get the mix just right.:smoking:

    I use this methord and no smells escape my grow room even when the door is open chk out my pic in the gallery. Best of luck there.
  10. Thanks Bombastic. I just ran across your setup and I'm impressed! Everything looks great! :hello:


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