Do I need a website to start building a PHPBB FORUM?

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  1. Hi guys, My question is:  Do I need to have a website to start building a phpbb forum?  I know I will eventually need it.  But is it possible to build the forum before I purchase my webhosting and domain name?   I was thinking of using wordpress.
    Any help will help guys thanx alot?
    also will it be easier to purchase an already built forum off ebay for $20 and redesign it?  I've built a couple websites before but they were on Godaddy.

  2. What I mean is is this a programm that I can design before I link it to a website?
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    You can build a forum or an elaborate website on your computer without purchasing hosting until you are ready if you install an Apache server with PHP5 and MySQL. A ton of designers and developers use this method so that they can build, troubleshoot, and debug the actual site separately from their hosting service. Fun little fact: The early implementations of sites like Facebook were done using this method, which is why Mark Zuckerberg was able to build it in his college dorm room hassle-free.

    You can download the WAMP server stack here:

    As for the coding, any text editor will do. Personally, I use Sublime Text 3- an amazing text editor that is also aesthetically appealing. Another notable text editor is Notepad ++, which has the same functionality, it's just not as visually appealing. It does have a convenient feature which allows you to do cross-browser compatibility testing within the program- which if you're building a site of any scale is a major resource that can't be overlooked. Sublime Text has an add on known as a "package" using an add-on feature called "Package Control" which allows for the same feature. Sublime Text is free but you will get an annoying message every now and then to buy which you can easily exit out of. I personally bought a license for myself because I had the money, and once you have the license you can use it forever if I'm not mistaken. I paid $70 for the license, and I'll never have to pay again unless I want to upgrade once Sublime Text 4 rolls around (Sublime Text 3 is either nearing the end or just got out of beta, so that won't be for a while). Notepad ++ is free.

    Sublime Text:

    Notepad ++:

    Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions.
  4. sweet thnx, now all I gotts do is spend a few hours figuring out how to do this. haha.
  5. Vbulletin is really nice. Idk if this helps but that's what we use for our clan. Very nice.

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  6. I heard of vbulletin.  Its free.  do you have a lot of programming experience.....Will it be fairly easy for a noob like me.  I built a few sites and started a forum before but never finishhed, so I dont know how hard it would be.
  7. i didnt know that....i gotta check it out
  8. I have no programming experience, but any questions you have I can ask our website managers, and designers to help you out. They are all really nice people so I don't see a problem with it.

    Sorry for taking a long time. I use Tapatalk and it doesn't always work how is supposed to

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  9. Thanks alot.....I feel im in over my head and will definetly need some help......yea the guys here are great.  i am gonna start building soon. thnx again
  10. No worries. Head over to our forum and make an account and create a thread and then help should come to you

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  11. You need a domain before you can load phpbb.
    I recommend DreamHost. They have a one-click phpbb install that you can customize afterwards.
  12. im gonna check them out.....Im trying to do my  homework b4 i decide to purchase a name and hosting.
    Dreamweaver is a bloated program that isn't that great of a text editor. If you're a beginner, it's a great resource, but if you plan on getting more into web design, it'll become a crutch/limitation soon enough. If you plan on pursuing programming further, do yourself a favor and dodge a bullet.
  14. i just dont know if the type of forum i wanna build will target a wide enough range of people.

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