Do I Need A Vent For My Situtation?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JBright, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Hey guys SO I am looking at setting up my grow tent, and found a nice 2x4 gorilla tent that would fit perfectly in the shed right next to my room, the thing is this shed is also, next to the neighbros house room, and this neighbor was an asshole, he removed his fence that use to be there,
    I was curious because the shed next to my room is kinda basically outdoor because the walls are just there as wall, and its cold with winds breeze going through. it has wall and is covered so no one will be able to see my plants when they are in the tent even when I check on it, But will I still have to buy a carbon filter for it? i plan to vent the reflector fan, but i wasnt sure if I still would need a carbon filter, seeing as Im growing indoors BUT NOT really INDOORS -_O the smell should be contained inside the tent right? unless i Open it up and then the smell goes out,  (which ill just say i was smoking a joint) ,
    Do I need a carbon filter if I am growing in a Grow Tent that is kind of Outdoors it just has walls to cover it.

  2. Well yeah it's always recommended to have a carbon filter, although it's not impossible to pull off without.
    I live in a part where there's never any crime therefore no cops, and most of my neighbors are pretty chill so I actually grow without anything but a open window and lights, I only have 1 flowering plant and one vegging though so doesn't really smell that bad.
    BUT if you are in a more strict location, I would definitely get a carbon filter just for that extra "security", especially if you plan to grow multiple plants.
  3. Use a filter, you can't put a price on peace of mind ;)
  4. This.    A $180 filter costs less than a call to a lawyer. 
  5. Smell is always going to be a worse problem than you think. Get a filter. I still have issues, even with a filter.

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