Do I need a Reservoir change after 7 days if my plants haven't hit the water yet?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by DaDankSkunk, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Do I need a Reservoir change after 7 days if my plants haven't hit the water yet? Or is it something within the nutrients itself that just goes bad after 7 days? Should I change it?

    It's only like they're 10th day, and they're roots are still pretty far from the water. I've feeding them with a cup feeder in their little Netti cups, (ebb and flow).
  2. Mine have been growing for 10 days n i just changed my water this morning. N i add its food and veg nutrients. But u should change your every 7 data.

  3. No, nothing goes bad in the nutes..
    When they are that small you can wait 2 weeks to change...
  4. I take it your using a bubble bucket system, how far is your nutrient/resevoir water from the bottom of the net pot? you should have your water only an inch or so from the bottom of your net pots.
  5. Depends on the nutrients, I change mine every 7 days and do a 24 hour flush of plain water every 2 weeks. BECAUSE that's what the Technaflora web site said to do. Even learned why I add the nutrients in the order the mixing chart says. Go to your nutrient company's website and educate yourself. Hope your grow turns out great :)
  6. I would think... no need. they recommend water changes because of the plants absorbing nutes.. no plants no nutes absorbed...

    personally I used to change my rez every 2 weeks but now I just let the water level in rez drop then add new water and nutes.. I have noticed zero difference except im not throwing away money like the mfg wants you too. just keep an eye on ur ppm and ph
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    Don't you have a problem with a build up of old nutrients in your system?
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    nope. I do flush them sometimes just by watering the hydroton. but I also keep my ppm pretty conservative

    I do change out rez between crops...
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    All good things. I'm following the company so much because if I do it their way it balances the PH on it's own. Once the roots hit the DWC it has grown almost an inch a day! Blows me away!
  10. I know some people are going to disagree with this technique, but i've gone an entire grow without changing the res water until it was time to flush. I would just add a full spectrum of nutes (i use the full Botanicare line) and dilute with water until i achieve desired PPM levels based on size and stage of growth. Is it the most optimal way to go? Probably not, but i've never had a issue this technique and it helps stretch your resources if your on a budget.

    But i've heard of people changing nutes every 1 to 2 weeks. That sounds like such a pain in the ass.
  11. No, that works....its just some people do not want to measure EC/ppm....
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    It is a pain in the ass, lol. And Technaflora isn't cheap. I like being hands on with my grow and gives me something to do besides watching Netflix when I get home from work. I enjoyed the whole process. I haven't seen an increase of my water bill at all. But once I plugged in that 400w my power bill went up! Lol
  13. How so true, but you can look at it another way...Just think of all the money your going to save by not buying your weed![​IMG]!!
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    To right!
  15. Never thought of it that way. Mix the nutes, let the plants use it for a week, replace it, repeat. No maintenance really. Probably why the Lucas formula is so popular. Use distilled water each time and mixes should be nearly identical/perfect. I guess i'm on-board with DeathHeadRider, i like to tinker around with my grows.
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    I'm always improving my grow room and technique, that's the fun part, that and being hiiiigghh! Lol
  17. ive been from soil to hydro for the past 4 weeks... Ive learned i can go a full 2 weeks before I change out anything in my buckets but every 2days I am topping off my buckets with regular distilled water.

    I DIY'd my buckets when I had my bucket water only covering the bottom 2 lines I wasnt getting the growth I was seeing on here so I moved my overflow holes higher the the 3rd or 4th instead and OMG the results are amazing. Not only girls trippled in size they are hella bushy without me having to LST it or fimming it...ill never go back to 2 cents
  18. hehe you guys are silly. i like to do fun things , like play with dog. i hate having to do chores like changing the rez,

    jk i have a lot of hobies growing is def in my top 25 things to do in my free time.

    right on i just rescently switched from soil as well it is shocking how much faster growth is.

    i am loving lucas formula too. its simple... cheap... and efectve
  19. I just built a small (2 plant) aero system (4" rail over a 10 gal tote) that drains back to the rez.

    The rez has pH and ppm probes installed for continous monitoring.

    If I top off with nuts to maintain ppm and adjust the pH as needed, will I still need to periodically change my rez?

    If so, why?
  20. In theory, nutrient solutions are optimal, for the quickest, most robust growth, when concentrations and ratio of the nutrients, minerals, hormones, etc are at the "perfect level." As your plants grow, they extract the "food" from res solution and the concentration and ratios are altered. If you just add freshly mixed nutes to your res when they get low (as i do), you're possibly not providing the optimal spectrum of nutrients.

    How much of an impact its makes would be interesting to test, but i know it won't make or brake your grow if you don't do it regularly. There are definitely times when it's in your best interest to make a fresh batch. I remember i accidentally dropped a open bottle of PH down in the res, just for a moment, causing the PH to plummet to 2.6 :eek:. Much easier just to dump it out and start over vs. using that much PH up to balance it back out.

    If you have chronic algae growth, changing the water will help you remove and temporarily reduce the population of the organisms.

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