Do i need a mother plant?

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  1. I have 3 clones that are about 8 weeks old and I dont really have room for both a vegg room and a flower room :eek:

    my question is what if I do not keep a mother plant? what if i flower all 3 and then vegg them again?

    do they lose potency if flowered over and over again :confused:

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  2. They don't necessarily lose potency but plants will flower less robustly if flowered again too soon after revegging. This usually means less weight instead of a change in the high. How long it takes before a plant will flower perfectly again is a matter of much debate and likely depends on the strain.
  3. I take it, these plants are female because they are clones.
    You can...
    Take about 4 clones (cuttings) from each of these plants before you flowering. While you are flowering these plants, you can root/grow/Veg the clones, then pick the best of them to flower again, and you can keep doing this without having a mother.
  4. Thanks John! Yes.. these are females..:D But... how do I root/grow/veg the new clones without a grow area for 18/6? my only grow area will be housing the 12/12 flowering plants...
  5. Thanks Jellyman! This strain is an Elite cut of Bubba Kush. Any suggestions on time frame?
  6. The Bubba Kush takes around 9 weeks to flower, so that method i explain would suit you if you had a separate veg comparment. Every 2 months, how many plants do you need to flower?
  7. Sorry for the OT question, how did you get your hands on an elite clone? I know that mine aren't for sale/trade with anyone within a 100 mile distance, if at all, and if I were to sell one it would fetch well into the thousands.

  8. well this is just for personal -- i do not sell at all. I consume about 8 grams a week :smoking:. Not really sure how much to expect out of my harvest...:eek:

    do you have any idea what i could expect?
  9. :eek:

    Cannot say ;) but good to know :bongin::bongin:
  10. What I'm saying, if you got your clone from someone other than the very individual who developed the plant, if you will, the odds of it being an elite clone are slim to none. OTOH, if you actually did score such a thing, best of luck.

  11. My source is more than credible :D so I guess you and me are pretty lucky people then aren't we? :hello:

    I didnt know this was such a one of a kind strain but it sure smokes good that's for sure :smoke:

  12. Do you need a mother,... NO, but it does make it alot easier. You dont need much room at all for a mum, Check out info on doing a bonsai mum, they stay small, and you can keep em under just a couple CFL's. Its real easy to convert a bedroom closet shelf to a mother chamber with just some plastic, and a coouple cfl's mounted in a pvc frame.
    And you can build an excellent aero cloner for about $35.00 including pump and clone sprayers. I made a 24 site cloner, and Ive gotten atleast 98% success evrytime Ive used it. In fact im planning to build another one so I can get my perpetual cycles going.
    Also, as stated earlier, if space is a big issue then you can just take a few clones from each plant your going to flower, and just keep that cycle going. You can even take clones from flowering plants, to make monster clones that have a ton of main shoots after they re-veg. I take my monsters from flowering plants between days 17-24, and have had a minimum of 98% success with them also. All the clones in this post were taken on day 19 of flower, they took about 5-6 days to root, then about 1 week to re-veg. I then replaced my cloner solution (which is just tap water, and vitamin B1 green) with a light veg solution and vegged them for about 2 weeks right in the cloner, and have now moved them to my Aero/NFT hydro unit for flowering. out of the 24 clones I took, Only 1 didnt take, and it was a very small weak looking clone when we took it. I just built a small 20"x24"x30" cabinet, with 2 cfls in it, for my cloner which is just built from a rubbermaid tub, and some 1/2 pvc with clone sprayers for delivery.
    Heres a pic of a monster clone after 2 weeks of veg, they all look pretty much just like this one..
    Good luck, and keep on growing.
  13. It's not the strain; it's the clone. For example, one can buy, say, an AK47 clone from a dispensary - to pick a relatively common strain - or a pack of AK47 from SS, or some AK48 from Nirvana, or AK from any number of breeders, but the odds of getting an elite AK plant (then clone) are 1 in a 1000. I had to work for years to get mine and that's what I use as some of my moms. Regardless, good luck with the grow.

  14. Well... i guess im 1 in a 1000 then ---- wooohooo :hello: great to be me :D

    Thanks for the...? o yea you didnt really give me any advice... just a bunch of :cry:

    Have a good one then!

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