do i need a ground if im using power strip?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by oarfan137, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. hey guys i just started my first cycle tonight. the timer i bought has no ground slot and the extension cord im using has a grounded plug.

    I have my lights going to a powerstrip (only 240w's worth of CFL) then the powerstip connects to an extension cord. the extension cord has a ground but m timer does not.... for the time being i cut off the ground plug at the extension cord and plugged it into the timer.

    will this be okay? or should i really try and find a timer that has a ground?

    thanks i just figured i could really be fucking up and dont want to burn shit down without advise
  2. You may not be in a position to burn something down but having that ground is important. It gives built up electrons a safe place to exit the system instead of into your house wiring. A grounded timer is still only $20 or so at any big box hardware store. I'd suggest upgrading when you can but doubt you will start a fire anytime soon with those CFL's.

    For instance how may 2-3 bulb lamps have you seen that use a 3 prong cord? Upgrade eventually.

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