Do I need a fan to blow air into my grow tent?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by FrodoSlaughter, Mar 11, 2014.

  1.  Setup:
    tent: 4' wide 2' deep 5' high 
    Lights: Pro Grow 260, 180w led
    inline fan/carbon filter: VenTech IF4CF412 4" Inline Duct Fan 190 CFM w/ Virgin Charcoal Carbon Filter
    \tAir: ezC02 bag\t Plants: four in 5 gallon buckets
    Now what I'm wondering is if I will need a fan that blows air from the outside inside of my tent, or will my current fan be sufficient enough to actually suck out air from the outside as well, or perhaps will my ezC02 provide enough air for to keep the tent supplied?
    Sorry, alot of the guides aren't so clear on this, they only seem to speak about the inline fan and the clip fan on the inside blowing your plants. Any help would be much appreciated :)

  2. Yeah, an oscillating fan is ideal that's what's on mine. I'm on my first grow so by no means am I an expert, but I have read that it helps the plants stems become stronger and push he's air around so it's not stagnant.
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    i havnt bothered putting one in my 4x4 grow tent im using 6'' rvk fan pulling air through carbon filter, opened up one of the small vent at the bottom with the mesh in and when the tent is closed up the sides of it suck in slightly, i think you only need to force fresh air coming in if you really struggle to keep temps down, but my tent is in a clean attic room so room temp is fine. im no expert though but this works for me ;-)
  4. oh yes and a small oscillating fan inside too to keep air moving like a small breeze
  5. You want airflow because as plants use carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, you end up with O2-rich air and little carbon dioxide.
  6. yes i also forgot to mention i have a small window in the attic slightly open so enough fresh air is getting in the room too 
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    You should not need an "intake" fan, just open up a lower vent for "intake".  As others have mentioned, a fan inside the tent is a good idea.
    I have the same size tent, and the same fan and filter.  That fan will suck the walls of the tent in, even with intake flaps partially open.
    If you tell me what tent you have I might get freaked out.  Other than lights, we have the same setup.
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    You should get sufficient negative air pressure from the inline fan you are using. I been on both sides and anything larger than a 2x2 tent I found moving up to 6" is far far better. Even in a 2x2 I liked the 6" more. I've run two 180's and a 260 together in a 4x4 with 4" and 6". I wouldn't choose to do 4" again. If you have a window cracked, your fan will suck in air. I aim my clip on fans to blow a little above and through plants.
  9. i have a 2'x2'x5' grow tent running a 150 watts hps light and ill only have one plant in there at any given time
    other than the oscillating fan will I need any kind of intake or out take fans
    I wanna make sure I have the correct setup before I get too far in the process
    this is my first tent grow and is only my second grow ; first one got destroyed by mother nature :/

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