Do I Need A Crutch/filter To Use A Rolling Machine?

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  1. So i know some people are gonna say that i shouldnt use a rolling machine and i need to learn how to roll. i'd love to and im working on it, so please dont bother telling me. i have a zen cone roller, which rolls perfect king sozed cone shaped joints. i also have a juicy jay blunt rolling machine, just because it makes rolling fat blunts so easy. i just hate using crutches because one, i think the resin on the paper and crutch is worth smoking but clearly is wasted. and i also enjoy the ritual of finishing a joint/blunt and then smokin the roach in my bowl. so can i use a rolling machine without a crutch? and how would you advise making the mouth piece for the blunt? any advice u guys have is helpful lol thanks
  2. You don't have to use a crutch. Just make sure that the weed is packed at the smoking end tightly. Personally, I like using crutches. There really isn't much resin lost and you can take it out before putting it in the bowl
  3. A crutch also makes passing a j ten times easier. For the blunt party of your question, you don't have a "mouth piece". However, i one time ran into some random people in a park and they left some tobacco at the end of their blunts so they didn't waste any weed.
  4. If anyone looks at this looking for help u need quite a bit of weed for it to actually roll.

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  5. Just curious, what is your definition of "quite a bit of weed"?
    I've got a couple rolling machines and the small one I could put as little as 1/2 gram in it. The king size I could get away with a gram.

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