Do I need a complicated hydroponics system to get started?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by The Pottingshed, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. You don't need a complicated hydroponics system to start growing.
    All you need is a couple of buckets.
    Drill some holes in the bottom of one bucket, run some lengths of nylon cord(3/8 dia) through the holes. Fill this bucket with your choosen growing mix.(I prefare coco mix)
    This bucket then sits inside the other bucket, use a small block of wood or something similar to stop the buckets locking together. The bottom bucket is your reservior which is checked everyday to make sure it has water in it.
    When your seedlings or clones are big enough just repot them in the bucket.
    Ofcourse you need a light if you are growing indoors but this method also works if you are gropwing outdoors or in a greenhouse.
  2. HIGH All, you have no problems with alge or stagnant water? One thing I know is the water (solution) should be moving be it air bubbles or constant circulation.
  3. High there!
    I've not had any problems with alge or stagnent water.Because the buckets are the same size there is no light gets at the water plus the plants drink the water that fast it doesn't get a chance to stagnate.

  4. the system you discribe can work well.
    it does have drawbacks.
    your growing meida is never allowed to dry out. the wet/dry/wet/dry cycle of top watering is very good for your plants. you dont get this.
    as you are wartering from the bottom most of your roots will stay in the bottom of the bucket wasting a lot of your root space.

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