Do i need a ballast???? Help pls!

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by SammySess, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, basically ive been trying to do a grow with a 90w LED ufo light, its all been fine for like 20 days but now all of a sudden its blown and the electrics to my house kinda messed up lol.

    I got two new bulbs, 105w energy saving CFL's (equivalent to 500w non energy saving). I bought an E27 cable to screw them into, which plugs directly into a socket, i just want to know, if i have two of these cables, and two bulbs, do i need a ballast?

    Thanks guys
  2. anyone? my plants need light ASAP! Do CFL's (E27) need a ballast? Im using a greenlamp 105watt energy saver cfl bulb
  3. CFL's come with a ballast already built in, so """NO"" you don't need a ballast, plug ya E27 cfl bulbs into a lamp socket and keep ya babies alive, say 3 per plant, well OK 2 per plant you don't want to rock the boat with dodgy house electrics, and phone up the company that sold you the UFO and give 'em hell,

    Like how you are gonna ruin them, considering you are a member of GC


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