Do I have to wear a shirt?

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    So Im at my house, no ones home for the past week or the future week so I havnt been wearing a shirt. Still bathing and smell good but i just dont wear a shirt at my house, if I have a bitch over should I put a shirt on? Or will she just like it. I dont like shirts

    thanks :smoking:
  2. Have some dignity man, put a shirt on.
  3. Hahahaha i find this shit fucking hilarious. Ill put on a tank
  4. if its a female i do. otherwise its my house i dont wear my shirt 95% of the time
  5. You shouldn't wear a damn thing in your house. When she gets there you answer that door in your birthday suit son.
  6. If no one is around you can do that but if someone is knocking on your front door have decency to put a shirt on.
  7. you do wut u want bruh.

    comfort of your own home.

    id definitely put a beater on.

    thats just me tho.
  8. Eh Ill go half and half. Ill be nice and polite and put on a shirt or whatever for her, then when she comes back later tonight i wont be wearing a shirt. and I promise you, i will fuck her. Shiiiiit, report back tomorow!
  9. ahahhhahahaah douchebag

    kiddin :p
  10. I used to think it's none of visitor's business what I'm wearing or what I'm not wearing.

    But... now I at least put on my underwear...
  11. No report back, so I'm guessing he failed.
  12. I don't wear bras in my house.... And tanks on dudes isn't that attractive. Just don't wear shirts.
  13. After reading GirlyS's comment about not wearing bras, I just remembered something.


    Long time ago, like... 15 years ago... when I was working at some kind of office in the city, there was an accountant... she was Korean... at the time, she seemed much older than me, but she was actually still very young. Like... 32. (I was 22)

    Myself being also a Korean, and all the rest of the people in the office being Thais, it was normal that I talked to her the most during my first day at work.

    And during our conversation, I asked her,

    "What time do you usually go home?"

    "Very late." She said.

    "Sometimes I stay till everyone goes home because I have so much work. Besides, I like to work during the evening when it's quiet."

    And she continued,

    "But after 5PM, the office building turns off the main air conditioning, so it gets pretty hot. So I take off my blouse and just work half naked."

    And laughed.

    At the time, I didn't understand why she said that, but at the tender age of 22, I didn't understand a lot of things.
  14. Of course you don't have to wear a shirt.

    You don't even have to wear a shirt out in public.

    You can do whatever the fuck you want.
  15. I do almost everything shirtless these days. If you don't want to see my nipples then don't look. It's that simple really...

    The idea that we need to cover up anything is fucked. Unless it's cold and you actually have a purpose for clothing then whats the point. OH no a penis! Uh oh a vagina! Those are demons!

    If I could I'd just sport boxers everywhere. Naked would be alright but its kinda scary to have your ball-bag and dick swinging around wherever they please.
  16. guess it depends on what you bringing.

    you're free to do wtf you want, if you looking lame in ya skin..might wanna rethink.
  17. if I went to a girls house and she walked around with no shirt on. Id stay until she kicked me out :D
  18. Even if they were "knee warmers"?
  19. See heres the catch... You wear... Are you reading this?... ONLY a shirt on! Lol

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