Do I have to put them on pots now?

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  1. Ok I have this seed started tray with about 88 lil plants, is it time now to put them on pots?? . they are only 5 days old since they germinated. Im growing them indoor with 60 watts HPS. 24/7. is it the right time now? :confused:

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  2. once you see roots coming out the bottom then you're ready to transplant. don't let those roots dry out or else the plant will be stunted for life.
  3. Dont wait until roots come out of those pots!
    Gently break up the soil and remove them now, and put them in there own pot (1 pot per plant).
    60w hps will not be enough for 88 seedling, they're not even getting a watt each.
  4. ^^^This

    You really need a TON more light if you're going for 88 full plants. You're going to want to move them ASAP in my opinion because it looks like you've got more than one seedling in each pod.
  5. The roots are going to get tangled if you wait much need to get yourself 88 pots:D and 4400 watts of light, (JK)

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