Do I have to pay his rent?

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  1. So my Roomate Bob kicked out our other Roomate Timmy because Timmy bitched too much. Now it's about that time were rent is due and I feel I shouldn't have to pay extra because I didn't want him gone. What do you guys think?
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  2. Find another roommate. You're going to have to pay
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  3. Hind sight is 20-20. There should have been a discussion before Timmy got kicked out. Rent cost should have been a part of it.
    Bob should be more then willing to pay at least half of what Timmy used to pay. He should also be trying real hard to come up with a replacement.
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  4. Yea he wants me to pay an extra $200! He said he has someone lined up but who knows
  5. Who's name is it in? If it's in yours fuck him he pays. If it's in yours pay this month and get revenge by moving suddenly at the end of next month. An eye for eye.
    It is fucked up I'll concede that lol.

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  6. Damn, I'd start looking for another place.

    I lived in a rented room and when owner kicked out the junkie, they expected me to pick up some slack.

    I'm at a new place now, and got lucky, it's a beautiful place and owner loves the smell of weed.
  7. During each bachelor phase of my life, I always had my own place. I had a very strict "no room-mates" policy.

    The more people involved in paying for the roof over your head, increases the odds that something will go wrong. I could not live with that kind of instability. If I were going to continue having shared rent, I would enter into a legal agreement with the room-mates. Of course, that would require the services of an attorney.

    Be much more of a simplified life if you just had your own place.
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  8. Derpp, I mean, really. IC said it already, not sure how this wasn't thought of before rent was long before.

    But that's how you learn, $200 isn't too bad. Find another roommate asap.
  9. It's not in any of our names it's my Roomates parents old house they moved so it's in their name still.
  10. I'd be mad. Can't plan a budget on maybes and ifs

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  11. Aye fuck that G .. You betta tell'em to cover your ex roomates half bcuz it was his fucked up idea & he was the one who went through with it .. if it was an agreement between both of y'all to kick'em out then yeah you pay half .. but not when the idea was 100% his .. his idea, his actions, result in his loss in money .. Fuck that Op dont go out like that ... tell'em since he kicked him out then he gets to cover his end of rent becuz it wasnt a joint decision from both of y'all that was all his decision ... Fck that!!!
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  13. That all included? Or does water, electric, Internet, phone(yes some people still have land lines), cable(damn life costs a lot) become 50/50 again as well.
  14. If he chose on his own to evict the roommate then I wouldn't give him a penny. If he doesn't like that then I would find a new place and let him worry about paying all of the rent.
  15. I pay $400 a month for rent and about $100 for utilities
    I'm kind of related to him but not really. So I don't want bad feelings lol
  16. "Because he was bitching."

    Your roommate sounds like a fuckin idiot already.
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  17. Yup
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