Do I Have To Be A Liberal

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stoned budda, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Why do some assume that because your a member of a MJ discussion forum that it's inconceivable that you dont want to vote for the democratic canidate or that your not a flaming liberal? Can i not have Conservative leaning values or a Conservative view of government or finance and still enjoy the sweet sweet Chiba and the occasional mushroom? Since when did the democratic party corner the market on pot heads?
  2. I don't like people who are republicans (or vote republican) just because of
    1. Guns
    2. Church
    3. Women's rights

    Those are things that aren't going to affect our country near as much as other important issues. I think people who should obviously be voting democrat to better their situation and don't because of one of those three reasons are morons. If you don't fall into that category, I guess I don't care then.

    I do agree with someone else that views on marijuana are often reflective of overall social views, and most potheads are liberal socially, so democrats pretty much have cornered the market.

    The only problem I have with you is that you seem to be very happy that your views are different from most people's, and you like to stir things up by starting threads like this.
  3. not sure man.. i would think that anyone that makes weed their #1 issue wouldn't vote for a major party candidate at all.
    neither obama nor mccain will do anything about weed.. the pharmaceutical lobbyists wont stand for it.
    seems like SOME GC obama supporters are voting for him based on the crazy idea that he's going to do something about weed being illegal in the US
  4. I don't think a marijuana web forum constitutes as "most people" there, brosky.
  5. Nobody ever said you had to be liberal.

    I couldn't be liberal.

    Or at least in the sense that defines the word, nowadays.

    In fact - I don't even concern myself with such titles... It only gives them power (the titles).
  6. for real man..
    for someone to vote for a pres based on whether some stranger can get an abortion or not is fucking crazy.

    don't forget gay marriage in your list. (another one that no one should really give a shit about)
  7. Do you seriously want to fight about this? It was VERY OBVIOUSLY implied that I meant most people on this forum. You knew it, I know it, everyone else should know it, etc..
  8. He brought up a good point.

    Nobody needs to "fight" about this.

    Whew.... People just need to chill. :rolleyes:

    Why nitpick? =P
  9. I think is was VERY OBVIOUSLY implied that I didn't want to instigate a fight. I was merely pointing it out.

    Do you seriously want to start a fight about this?


    :rolleyes: Going to have to own you here in about an hour and a half, Durban. ;)
  10. Actually, it works like this. I made a normal post. You took a tiny part of it and tried to start a fight about it. You were doing nothing else. If you had something to contribute, you would have. Thinking that fighting is stupid, I ask you to reconsider what you are doing. How does that sound like I want to fight?

    P.S. Can we just hug it out bitch? I think that will make everything better.
  11. cant believe im agreeing with the guy that neg repped me, but I totally agree with you man lol. I am definetly a fiscal conservative and not a total social liberal.
  12. Mind altering substances have been used by everyone, of every belief.

    It's the assumption that your getting off of those that think in boxes.
    boxed thinkers seem to fight with other boxes.
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  14. Theres nothing wrong with being a conservative on an mj forum, i still have a lot of problems with republicans and "right wingers" given their past since the beginning of this nation. its just that most anti-cannabis propaganda is put out by the right wing. i have met more and more republicans (by more and more I mean 2, which is better than 0), however, who are pro-legalization (and no they arent Ron Paul supporters), so maybe theres a tide of change going around?

    if anything Republicans should be about states rights and small government, so on principle they should be against federal cannabis prohibition.
  15. There is a flaw in your statement, there is a canidate like Ron Paul that is very republican and very conservative that wants to decriminalize weed. Vote Ron in 2012.
  16. Ron Paul, America's last hope.
  17. I mentioned Ron Paul in my post, hes a Republican with a pro-cannabis record. Aside from his supporters, however, I havent met many Republicans who are pro-legalization, although they all should be
  18. I like guns and weed but i also believe in womens rights...
    Does that make me a mut? lol

    Rite now my vote is for mr obama because in all reality ron paul is never going to win and mccain is just another one of bushs evil empire henchmen imo and i dont want to waste my vote on ron if it could possibly benefit mccain you know?

  19. The problem may be in the fact that you feel the need to place cheap labels on everything and everyone, and feel the need to spin them in some negative light, rather than examining the issue.

    Are we all guilty of that to a degree? Of course...but we forget that an idea is either smart or not so smart, rather than conservative or liberal, really.

    As for the drugs, lets make it simple.

    Nixon was conservative(he claimed) and gave us the DEA, and schedule one drugs that could be controlled only by our wise government.

    The DEA is a gift from the conservatives. Schedule one is a conservative creation. Do you see why we might resent Nixonian style thinking?

    I am not conservative, or liberal really, I am merely a humanist and wish only to see the people elevate ourselves above the lies that we currently base all civilization on, but that's an issue for the S+P forums.

    Be what makes you feel most human, and love every minute of life, don't waste time on the hating. It eats souls for lunch!

  20. Stirring what up?

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