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Do I have this right?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Crystal74, May 27, 2010.

  1. I've been researching MMJ Drs in my area. They are about the same in price 180 or so for the apt and recommendation.. so do I go to the Dr. pay them the 180 to get a recommendation THEN go to the county to pay the 184.00 for a state card? its quite confusing.

    Two of the Drs I was looking at are not in my county would this be a problem? The only one in my county is Medicann. Has anyone ever delt with them? Thank you for any info you all can provide.
  2. You shouldn't be paying 360 for both a recommendation and state id card. When I did mine at MMEC I paid 150 for just the recommendation, but I think it was like 30 or so for the card.

    After doing some looking up I found that Medicann provides you a recommendation in card form as well as a letter so I wouldn't even get the state id card.

    the recommendation card is not as powerful in deterring cops as the state id card, but it still provides a 24 hour verification, so as long as you are firm with cops but not arrogant they won't hassle you for too long.

    If you choose to pay for the state id card cops will most likely not hassle you at all from what ive heard but if you only have a recommendation letter there is a chance they will.
  3. The State ID Card is 100% separate from your doctor's recommendation, and yes, it's expensive. (Whatever they offered you Mariahcarey for $30 I can guarantee it wasn't a state ID. Many doctors will try to upsell you a wallet card which is basically worthless).

    But it's also 100% voluntary

    AND it's the ONLY form of ID that any LEO or CHP officer HAS to accept as valid proof of a recommendation and leave you alone for proffering. Even with a recommendation you can still be cited and have your meds seized. Your citation will be tossed in court and you can get your meds back, but it's still a hassle.

    Oh and also your case becomes public record at that point and anyone who's looking could find out you have a recommendation, so if you're in a sensitive field you may wish to go ahead and get the State ID.
  4. Thank you for making that clear to me, Wildwill. Sounds like the state card is a 'get out of jail free' card lol
  5. $184 for the state card is outrageous. Your county has tacked on 120 in fees on top of the outrageous state fee. Which county is $184? That is robbery for an optional card - but offers some peace of mind, as has been pointed out.
  6. Here in Michigan, doctors charge $150-$180 for the appointment. If you get your recomendation, it's mandatory to register with the state ($100) within 90 days of getting your recommendation.
  7. I live in Stanislaus county. Its pretty poor so I guess they are going to try to get as much as they can out of anyone..

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